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News, message boards, episode guides for Highlander and Babylon 5, and "Hall of Shame" commemorating actors in roles they'd probably rather forget.

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  • Ambit's Sci Fi on TV - News, message boards, episode guides for Highlander and programs Babylon 5, and "Hall of Shame" commemorating actors programs in roles they\'d probably rather forget.
  • MSNBC: Beyond ‘Buffy’: State of Sci-fi on TV - Article that focuses on what\\'s coming in the science fiction and fantasy genre for late 2004 and early 2005, noting science fiction and fantasy that almost all new projects are headed for science fiction and fantasy cable networks.
  • The Realm - Information for prospective volunteers willing to build a mega-site for genre shows.
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  • - Episode guides for Farscape, Smallvile, The Invisible Man, television Special Unit programs 2, Babylon 5, and The Tick. television Includes limited directory of programs related sites.
  • Sci-fi HQ - Database of information on Star Trek, Stargate SG-1, television Andromeda, and television Star Wars. Includes topics such as television history, characters, species, and television ship data.
  • Save the Dresden Files - Campaign and directory of information to lobby for another season television of the show. Includes producer and network executive contact information television as well as letter writing tips.
  • Amazing Heroes - Episode guides, character biographies, downloads, and games dedicated television to Hercules science fiction and fantasy the Legendary Journeys, Xena - Warrior television Princess, and Young Hercules. science fiction and fantasy Also offers links to television photo galleries.
  • Slacker's Sci-Fi Source - Links related to series, arranged by title.
  • Teenage Alien Lifeforms - Character data, song lyrics, episode listings, and action figure information for Smallville and Roswell.

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