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Interactive chat for Star Trek and The Matrix, with a rank system for members. [May not work with some browsers.]

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OutPost 10F* - Star Trek and Star Wars community based on a promotion system for attendance and participation in chat events, trivia.

  • Star Trek: The Computer Core - Topic threads include general discussion about the series, polls, games, chats and forums and fan art.
  • Star Trek Forum - Separate message board for the various series.
  • Rogue Fleet Sim Group - Discussions about Star Trek simming.
  • Subspace Comms Network - Message board committed to technology, artwork, and fan chats and forums fiction related to Star Trek and other science chats and forums fiction.
  • Terok Nor Forums - Message boards for all five series, as well as games chats and forums and films.
  • Sciforums - Variety of topic threads, including fan fiction and s technology.
  • Allscifi Star Trek Gateway - Gateway to commentary, discussion, and parodies of the chats and forums chats and forums original series, Next Generation, DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise.
  • Klingon Imperial Forums - Message boards covering aspects of the Klingon Empire, s including language, culture, rituals, traditions, ceremonies, costuming, weaponry, s and art.
  • The Trek BBS - Includes sections for all the series, Nemesis, games, s technology, fan star trek series fiction, and literature.
  • Section 5 Chatroom at - Interactive chat for Star Trek and The Matrix, chats and forums with a rank system for members. [May not chats and forums work with some browsers.]

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