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Downloadable reference that attempts to fix dates for the licensed novels, comics, and short stories in the context of the television episodes and films. [PDF]

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Editor's Picks:* - Official Site. Includes news, interviews, cast biographies, episode guides, and other information.

  • Starbase51 - Includes news, trivia quizzes, episode list, image gallery, sounds, and reviews.
  • Double Trouble with Tribbles - A comparison of screen shots from "Trouble with Tribbles" (TOS) and "Trials and Tribble-ations" (DS9) from the perspective of a special effects artist.
  • Star Trek Soundtracks - Detailed information on movie and television soundtrack releases.
  • The Star Trek Annotated Timeline and Reference Table - Downloadable reference that attempts to fix dates for s the licensed s novels, comics, and short stories in s the context of the s television episodes and films. s [PDF]
  • Trek Continuum - Provides information on all the Star Trek series s with links star trek series and news.
  • TrekWeb - Features in news, episode guides, episode reviews, a science fiction and fantasy forum, and a newsletter.
  • Adge's Star Trek Media Site - Image galleries, including animated LCARS, stardates, characters, ships, science fiction and s fantasy rank insignia, and technology. [Flash required]
  • Star Trek Dimension - Information on cartography, science, ships, episode guides, images science fiction and s fantasy and sounds, and humor. [German and English]
  • Star Trek: Random Sector - Includes series information, random facts, character biographies, episode science fiction and fantasy guides, and a forum.
  • The World of Trek Television - UK airtimes for the various series.
  • - Star Trek Fans - Includes articles and forums from
  • - A daily updated guide offering news on upcoming episodes, novels, s games, toys and all other relevant Star Trek news.
  • The Trek Pages - Thousands of links and hundreds of pictures. star trek series There is also an episode review of Star star trek series Trek Voyager.
  • Star Trek: The Fan Phenomenon - An in-depth look at "Trekkers": their public image science fiction and fantasy versus reality,the history of Trek fandom, their activities science fiction and fantasy and just why they love the show so science fiction and fantasy much. Based on a year-long survey of fans science fiction and fantasy worldwide.
  • TrekWebSites - Send a free musical Star Trek postcard to star trek series star trek series a friend.
  • Star Trek-FAQs - Collection of FAQ documents related to the several series and their casts.

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