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Synopses of episodes with U.S. and Danish airdates. Also includes cast biographies, images, trailers, and a book guide with reviews. [Danish and English]

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  • The Computer Core Dump - Includes news, cast biographies, articles, media, and an information database.
  • Startrek-Fan - Basic character information and episode list for Voyager s and DS9.
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  • Star Trek: The Episode Guides - Synopses of episodes with U.S. and Danish airdates. star trek series Also includes cast biographies, images, trailers, and a star trek series book guide with reviews. [Danish and English]
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  • Memory Alpha - A collaborative project organized in a WikiWiki structure to create an encyclopedia and reference for everything related to Star Trek.
  • ST Universe - News, reviews, episode guides, forums, image galleries, articles, s and interviews.
  • A Beginner's Guide to Star Trek - Overviews of the shows, movies, characters, and technology.
  • Deep Space 93 - Episode synopses and personal ratings for the series through Voyager s and the first nine movies. [Java]
  • Great Star Trek Quotes - Compilation of quotes from the films and the TV series star trek series through Voyager.
  • LCARS System Interface - A complete Library Computer Access and Retrieval System resources based Star Trek information database covering all relevant resources details.
  • Steve's Star Trek Home Page - Includes links, series information, memorable characters, news, and other information.
  • Chronology Of Written Star Trek Fiction - A timeline for establishing continuity of events documented resources in the resources Star Trek books, novels, and novelizations.

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