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Some 70 years after the five-year mission of the original Enterprise ends, the new Galaxy-class starship NCC-1701-D is launched with a new crew, boldly going to defend the Alpha quadrant and keep the peace within the Federation. Stars include Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, and Marina Sirtis.

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  • Star Trek Bloopers and Trivia - Points out some interesting mistakes found in various star trek series star trek series episodes, as well as fun trivia.
  • BonC Home Page - Dedicated to a romance between Beverly Crusher and Jean-Luc Picard. next generation, the Includes images and links to fan fiction.
  • Ern Yoka's TNG Page - Includes cast information, humor, episode guides, downloads, and s links.
  • Big Bill's Star Trek Stuff - Commentary about all episodes from the series.
  • Bevis and Duncan's Star Trek: The Next Generation Guide - Features information about the ship\\'s crew, main alien species, episode summaries, movies, and trivia.
  • The Final Frontier - Has pictures and information on the whole cast and a next generation, the VRML view of the Enterprise-D.
  • Star Trek Next Generation Gallery - Contains images of crew and the Enterprise set, as well as in depth facts and figures.
  • Imzadi Dreams - Celebrates the wonder of Imzadi (the bond shared next generation, the next generation, the by Deanna and Will) through fan fiction and next generation, the next generation, the photos.
  • Red Alert - Information about the crew, aliens, list of episodes, pictures, and s downloads.
  • - Provides episode guides, character summaries, and photographs and images from star trek series the series.
  • Imzadi & P/C World - Contains fan fiction, pictures, sounds, and links associated star trek series next generation, the with the relationships between Riker and Troi, and star trek series next generation, the Picard and Crusher.
  • BBC Online - British site providing cast information and trivia about the series.
  • IMDb - Plot and cast information.

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