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Ongoing alternate universe story created by a group of writers that tells of a starship exploring the Borderlands territory. Includes stories, images, and character profiles.

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See Also:
  • Star Trek Relationshipper's Station - Directory of sites which feature stories about Star s Trek couples, and character profiles for fan fiction s writers.
  • To Enrich the Klingon Spirit - A fully categrized site of about a dozen Klingon fan fiction stories.
  • Kathleen Dailey's Fan Fiction Page - Star Trek-based fan fiction, with a special emphasis on TOS and TNG-era Vulcan and Romulan stories. Links to recommended fan fiction sites.
  • Star Trek: Adventure - Fan fiction site involving the crew of the USS Adventure, fan fiction an Akira class starship.
  • Amagosa - Contains the stories from the cancelled newsgroup alt.startrek.uss-amagosa.
  • Star Trek: The Ship of Fools - Club where people are invited to read and star trek series write Star Trek stories.
  • The Star Traks Nexus - Stories from 120 years into the future s after the original series.
  • Star Trek Vesta - The adventures of Captain Maria Hernandez and the crew of the Starship Vesta.
  • Star Trek: USS Konkordium NCC 53629 - Includes fan fiction based on the writings of s a new s ship and crew.
  • The Starbug - A few stories related to the series.
  • Starships of the Third Fleet - Home of a writing club whose members create original stories and characters in the universe of the series. Includes character profiles, information about the ships and planets in the stories, and FAQ.
  • Star Trek - Regurgitations - A fictional movie script about the meeting of the original Star Trek crew and the crew of the Next Generation.
  • Star Trek: The Courageous - Ongoing alternate universe story created by a group of writers that tells of a starship exploring the Borderlands territory. Includes stories, images, and character profiles.
  • Star Trek Fan Fiction Compilation - This site is a collection of Star Trek star trek series fan fiction, revolving around the lives of three star trek series very different Starfleet officers.
  • Star Trek Adventurous - With original text and images. Includes images of fan fiction the s ships, crew and places featured.
  • Star Trek: Challenger - Fan fiction based in the Gamma Quadrant after star trek series s the Dominion War.
  • Star Trek S-I - Story series focusing on elite operatives of Starfleet Intelligence. Includes archive, downloads, and forum.
  • The Starbase 49 Space Station Project - Fan fiction project based on Star Trek written star trek series by an on-line community.
  • Star Trek: Texas - Follow the new adventures of the Sovereign Class Starship U.S.S.
  • Star Tricked: the Next Perpetration - Menu to the Star Tricked scripts, parodies of Star Trek, with webrings and links.
  • An Android's Tale - Fan fiction based on the Joy Class Androids.
  • Seema's Trek Fan Fiction - Fan fiction from all the series and crossovers.
  • Star Trek: Psycho - Multiple series chronicle the adventures (and misadventures) of the crew of the USS Psycho, SMC-1234, possibly the worst in Starfleet.
  • Trek Writer's Guild - Archive that includes more than 350 stories, as fan fiction well star trek series as message board for writers.
  • Star Trek : Fan Fiction - Stories and parodies listed by author and series. star trek series Includes stories from all the series through Voyager.
  • USS Prometheus Original Stories - The USS Prometheus is an original ship with original stories s after the Dominion War.
  • StarFleet Academy Adventures - Star Trek fan fiction featuring the brand new crew of the U.S.S. Integra and their trials through the Academy.
  • USS Defiant - Ed Reilly\\'s fan fiction from the Original series, Next Generation, fan fiction Deep Space Nine, and Voyager.
  • Star Trek: USS Oblivion - A collection of fan fiction in Star Trek s universe involving star trek series the crew of USS Oblivion.

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