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Star Trek Original Series gen stories and poetry originally published in zine form, some focused on Spock and his friendships and trials in his life

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See Also:
  • The Cubs' Side of the Mountain - non-explicit (G-PG13) Spock/McCoy fiction, art, and poetry archived by Janet fan fiction the Coyote.
  • Pointy Ears - Poetry and fiction about Spock and his friendship with Captain fan fiction Kirk. Also provides some Spock desktop wallpapers.
  • Vulcan Stories - Stories by various authors about Vulcans.
  • Reldai Sash-Masu - PG Stories - Varied non-adult Star Trek fanfiction with het, slash, star trek and star trek gen pairings such as Spock/McCoy, Spock/Saavik, and star trek Kirk/Spock, by star trek Reldai Sash-Masu.
  • Tantalus Revisited - Gen stories about the TOS crew, originally printed in zine star trek form. Focusing on Kirk, Spock, and McCoy.
  • All-Ages Kirk/Spock Archive - Collection of G-PG13 Kirk/Spock romance-related fan fiction and art.
  • Star Trek TOS Fan Fiction by Nesabj - Gen Star Trek fan fiction, including a series star trek series of letters from Chekov to a friend
  • Karracaz Startrek Fanfiction - KarraCaz\\'s original series Star Trek fanfiction and art mostly centered around Spock, his family, and Vulcans, but also branching out into the crew and their interactions.
  • To Steer a Clear Course - non-explicit (G-PG13) Sulu/Chekov slash fiction, archived by Skywise.
  • Infinite Diversity - Star Trek Original Series gen stories and poetry fan fiction originally star trek series published in zine form, some focused on fan fiction Spock and star trek series his friendships and trials in his fan fiction life
  • Satire Trek - Star Trek TOS Parody - Parody based on The Original Series.

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