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Portfolio of light hearted pen and ink cartoon editorial illustrations and a 'western' animated cartoon story. Stock is also available.

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  • Spooner, Joe - Resume and samples of work: cartoons, illustration, page cartoons layout and cartoons some animation.
  • Smith, Rob - Editorial cartoons, caricature, and advertising cartooning.
  • Sias, Ryan - Cartoons featuring \\'Silent Kimbly\\' and work for the documentary "Bowling for Columbine".
  • Shovel, Martin - Colored pencil cartoons and humorous illustrations.
  • Smith, Elwood H. - Portfolio of light hearted pen and ink cartoon s editorial illustrations portfolios and a \'western\' animated cartoon story. s Stock is also available.
  • Sipple, Dan - Heavily stylised digital cartoon illustrations and flash animations cartoons of people s and funny characters for print and cartoons the web.
  • Shamray, Gerry - Humor writer and artist, known for his work s in American Splendor with Harvey Pekar, and John s Darling with Tom Batiuk.
  • Smallwood, Steve - Cartoons and humorous illustrations for traditional and digital s media.
  • Sutherland , Nigel - A showcase for the work of this British portfolios cartoonist, whose cartoons are published in the tabloid portfolios newspapers.
  • Sticka, Tyler - Cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer portfolio.
  • Shelly, Jeff - Cartoon style pen and ink illustrations of people, animals and wacky characters for editorials, educational, advertising, information brochures, books and greeting cards.

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