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Discussions and listings of the author's works. There is a biography, short stories, news and some excerpts from the published works.

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  • Rogers, Stephen D. - Brief bibliography and links to online fiction. Provides literature a monthly updated reprint and a short \'how-to\' literature article.
  • Rorlach, Peter - The Storyteller\\'s Logbook is a series of works literature in progress authors titled \\'The Masks and Mirror Stories\\' literature and \\'The Bryant Park authors Chronicles\\'. Links to commentaries, literature ideas, critiques, e-mail and links to authors hubs and literature writer's weblogs.
  • Reiter, Jendi - Poems, essays and legal articles plus excerpts from authors a thriller, authors "Child Witness".
  • Readett, Gerard - Details of first online science-fiction novel with extracts literature provided. Some literature links and information about telematics.
  • Ravel, Edeet - Canadian-Israeli author with details of publications, contact information, biography, reviews literature and some excerpts.
  • Rubio, Gwyn - Author of "Icy Sparks". Reviews, biography, and synopsis authors of the book.
  • Russell, Carolyn - Excerpts from \\'Beyond the Lies\\', contact material, web literature ring, reviews, biography and links.
  • Reichler, Mel - The Man with the Ladder - Wonderful Things to Read, joint authors Mel Reichler and Jim Egan, featuring their stories, poetry and sociological pieces.
  • Rohm, Wendy Goldman - An investigative journalist, poet, playwright and author. Information provided includes literature news, reviews, events, bibliographical material, biography and contact information.
  • Renee, Sheena - Writer working towards first publication. Details of book and contact authors email address.
  • Raschen, Dan - Details of publications and short autobiography.
  • Rizzo, Theresa - Author\\'s pages with details of awards, publications, press, links, contacts and biography.
  • Richards, Thomas W. - Author\\'s site provides details of publication history, contacts, links, appearances and book purchase opportunities.
  • Rivers, Andy - Known as the \\'Geordie Author\\'. Content includes news, authors articles, short stories, unpublished novel extracts, a guest authors book, weblog, links and a profile.
  • Robichaud, Janeen - Information on the author of "Candy" and other literature works. Includes literature poetry, short stories and reviews.
  • Robson, Lucia St. Clair - Book reviews and excerpts, biography, contact information, and r information about authors her writings and upcoming appearances.
  • Rayner, Mark - Author\\'s site includes book information, news and reviews, authors online stories, and a weblog.
  • Rutter, Troy - Author of "Kids in the Biz: A Hollywood authors Handbook for authors Parents." Details provided of publications as authors well as a weblog, authors resume, gallery, links, a authors web design portfolio and contact material.
  • Rickards, John - Empire of Dirt, personal weblog of author.
  • Rodger, David J - Showcases work with extracts of publications, links, a r game, writers authors philosophy, updates, a site survey and r guestbook.
  • Ruggles, Tammy - Profile of this freelance writer.
  • Rosenthal, Dora - Dorothy's Books - Author\\'s official site, including all her works, a r forum and r chat area, images, guestbook, links, a r market and contact information.
  • Riverflow, Indi - Blues4Kali is described as a social satire and experimental metafiction which is explained on the site. Download and purchase required.
  • Rayson, Paul - Poet and writer with links to magazines, journals, a selection of publications and an autobiography.
  • Rios, Mi-Chelle L. - Details include a biography, information about CHOLA - her first authors novel - and contact information.
  • Rumpf, Eva Augustin - Information about author Eva Augustin Rumpf and the books she r has published, and the text of published articles about the r craft of writing.
  • Riggs, Jack - Includes photo, biography, samples, reviews, interviews, and offers authors an exercise authors in understanding story geography.
  • Robinson, Angelina - Lost Hunger is the official author\\'s site with authors information on her latest work "The Hunger Series". authors Biography, details of works, links, photo gallery, message authors board and FAQ area.
  • Rothman, David H. - Author of The Solomon Scandals, a novel inspired r partly by the deadly Skyline collapse in Northern r Virginia. Blog format with information about the book.
  • Roby, Kimberla - Brief interview with author concerning book \'Here and literature Now'.
  • Ridgway, Keith - Irish writer, author of the novels The Parts, literature Standard Time, literature Horses and The Long Falling. News literature of publications, reviews and literature events.
  • Ravenscroft, John - Fiction and feature writer, and co-editor of Cadenza magazine. Includes literature selection of published articles plus links.
  • Rechtman, Nancy - Playwright, humor columnist and novelist with details of r columns, links, authors reviews and an archive. Contact details r and regular newsletter.
  • Remic, Andy - A writer of thriller adventure novels. Information about literature publications, reviews, literature biographical details, links, and recent news.
  • Roehlkepartain, Jolene - A writer and parent educator\\'s site which has r the latest literature publication news, a biography, journal, contact r details, some downloadable material literature and images.
  • Richmond, Susan - Targeted toward teenage audiences and includes guestbook, reviews, authors publications, contact literature details, biography and news material.
  • Rock, Peter - Discussions and listings of the author\\'s works. authors There is authors a biography, short stories, news and authors some excerpts from the authors published works.
  • Rimbaud, Ree - Author\\'s weblog with details of publications. Numerous links to magazine literature sites.
  • Rowland, Russell - Writes novels set in Montana (USA). Biography, publications and future authors plans, how to order, study guides, reviews and samples.

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