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This category lists sites that feature or relate to published authors, past and present, of children's and young adult literature, whose last names start with the letter "B."

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  • Balgassi, Haemi - (Official site) Introduces the author, her books, and family. Features b student writing contest, printable classroom activities (topics include Korean War, b stereotypes, character traits), book giveaway, school chat visit information, and b resources for writ
  • Brink, Carol Ryrie - Part of de Grummond Children\\'s Literature Collection. Includes authors biographical sketch b of the Newbery winning author of authors Caddie Woodlawn.
  • Birdseye, Tom - (Official site) Introduction to the author and his books; includes information for teachers and librarians, description of current projects, and writing tips. Visitors can subscribe to "The Birdseye View" - an e-mail newsletter.
  • Brown, Don: Books by Brown - (Official site) Includes book reviews, art work, and information about b school visits.
  • Baker, Ken - (Official site) Biography and book information, speaking/appearance schedule, authors school visit children's program details, resources for teachers, book authors reviews, lists of award children's winning books, lesson plans, authors and biographies on other children\'s book children's authors.
  • Bruce, Dorita Fairlie - Tells of the life and work of this children\'s author of authors classic British school stories for girls.
  • Blankenau, Gail - (Official site) Author of Mountain Pirates, an outdoor authors adventure and children's mystery for children. Includes biography, excerpts, authors and educator information.
  • Brennan, Linda Crotta - (Official site) Author of fiction and non-fiction for children. Includes authors book reviews, description of school visit programs, bibliography.
  • Brown, Marcia - Biographical sketch of the three-time Caldecott winning illustrator/author.
  • Buchanan, Jane - (Official site) The author offers a glimpse into children\'s her life children's and discusses her works.
  • Baudet, Stephanie - (Official site) Includes school visit information and introductions to books.
  • Brimner, Larry Dane - (Official site) Includes advice for aspiring writers and schools interested authors in author visits, activities for kids, curricumlum for teachers, and authors information on the author\'s books.
  • Billingsley, Franny - (Official site) Introduction to the author and her children\'s books, including The Folk Keeper, the 2000 Boston children\'s Globe-Horn Book Award winner. Includes information about school children's visit programs.
  • Bauer, Joan - (Official site) Includes biographical information, book summaries, articles, children\'s news, and b contact information.
  • Banner, Angela - "The unOfficial Ant and Bee Homepage" is devoted children\'s to the children's Ant and Bee characters featured in children\'s the children\'s book series children's written by the author.
  • Balan, Bruce - (Official site) Tour the virtual office of the authors author of b Buoy, Home at Sea and the authors Cyber.kdz Series.
  • Bash, Barbara - (Official site) Includes events calendar, information on school programs, and b a glimpse into how the author/illustrator works.
  • Bang, Molly - (Official site) Complete list of books. Background information and curriculum ideas included for some titles.
  • Bouma, Paddy - Resume-style profile presented by the University of Stellenbosch, children\'s Fine Arts Department, where this author/illustrator of picture children's books teaches. Includes photo.
  • Banks, Sara Harrell - Interview-based article, "Weaving Children\\'s Tales Out of School," children\'s from Carolina children's Morning News.
  • Berger, Barbara Helen - (Official site) Author/illustrator of the bedtime classic Grandfather b Twilight and other award winning titles offers both b kid-friendly and formal versions of autobiography, bibliography, resume, b original e-cards, insightful articles, advice for aspiring c
  • Beck, Ian - (Official site) Author and illustrator of the Tom authors Trueheart series and other stories. Includes biography, complete authors book list, reviews, and news.
  • Brisson, Pat - (Official site) Introduces the author and her books.
  • Brown, Craig McFarland - (Official site) Includes descriptions and photos of school visits, and b an archive of newsletters sent to the many schools and b communities that have hosted this Colorado-based author/illustrator.
  • Bridgers, Sue Ellen - Presented by Vandergrift\\'s Children\\'s Literature Page. Includes biography, b bibliography, and b reviews of the author\'s young adult b novels.
  • Bowen, Fred - (Official site) Includes information on Bowen\\'s sports fiction-series children\'s for kids, authors his Washington Post sports column for children\'s kids, and his talks authors at schools and conferences.
  • Bannerman, Helen - Presented by Sterling Times, a United Kingdom-based nostalgia site.
  • Bouchard, David - (Official site) Canadian author and educator serves as b a speaker authors and presenter across Canada and the b U.S.
  • Braithwaite, Althea - Lists the books that are currently in print, together with children's a short autobiography and details of school visits.
  • Barron, T. A. - (Official site) Author of The Lost Years of authors Merlin epic and "The Kate Adventures" offers a authors "Gift Box" for teachers and librarians, personal message, authors responses to questions from readers, and appearances schedule.
  • Brown, Susan Taylor - (Official site) Includes biographical sketch, resources for teachers, authors information on b school visits, articles, and tips for authors young writers.
  • Buzzeo, Toni - (Official site) Information on the author\\'s books, activities b as a authors Library Media Specialist, workshops, speaking, and b training sessions.
  • Biemiller, Carl L. - Information about the author, his journalism career, and his books.
  • Bragg, Mabel Caroline - The author of The Little Engine That Could. Biographical sketch by Karen Hinz, presented by Vandergrift\'s Children's Literature Page.
  • Bynum, Janie - (Official site) Information on the author/illustrator\\'s books, art authors samples, and program details.

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