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A MOO is a virtual (text-based) environment server. The abbreviation MOO means 'MUD Object Oriented', while MUD usually stands for 'Multi User Dungeon' (there are other meanings). This category is for Pern-related MOOs.

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See Also:
  • Harper's Tale - Provides information about the MOO, maps, player lists and some pern background information about Pern.
  • PernMU Discussion Forum - Discussion, reminiscing and occasional flamewars on issues relating moos to Pern-based MUSHes and MOOs.
  • VirtuaPern MOO - MOO based on Anne McCaffrey\'s DragonRiders of Pern series.
  • Dragons' Dusk MOO - Set one hundred turns after the end of pern thread and moos the deactivation of AIVAS, this Pern pern has technology beyond the moos books and dragonriders who pern had to find new means of moos supporting the pern Weyrs.

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