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Includes essays and links useful to those taking on or considering a goldrider position--or any leadership role on a Pern MUSH.

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See Also:
  • The All the Weyrs List - This site boasts a complete listing of dragon pern names from mush both McCaffrey\'s books and approved Pern-based pern MU*s.
  • PernWorld MUSH - Post-AIVAS Pern roleplaying in a long established MUSH science fiction with Weyrs, WeyrHolds, Holds and Crafts you may science fiction join.
  • SouCon MUSH - The official homepage of SouCon MUSH, an online game which science fiction celebrates Pern, the world of Anne McCaffrey, set in the science fiction Southern Continent.
  • PernMU* Discussion Forum - Constructive discussion, reminiscing, and occasional flamewars on issues relating to mush Pern-based MUSHes and MOOs.
  • - Includes essays and links useful to those taking mush on or pern considering a goldrider position--or any leadership mush role on a Pern pern MUSH.
  • Down Under MUSH - An alternate timeline Pern MUSH centered around Southern Hold and mush Southern Weyr. The focus is on character-driven plots and interesting mush roleplay. Private game, characters by invitation only.
  • The Official PernMUSH Website - Based on Anne McCaffery\\'s Pern books. Set in the 10th Pass of the Red Star, which began in the last decade. Roleplaying is based on cooperation, rather than competition, so there is no system of points or combat.

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