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Self published zines by Marc Calvary where the title zine is ever changing, ranging from photo essays to short stories.

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See Also:
  • Johnny America - Website for the print zine. Archives, subscription and submission information, literature and contest rules.
  • The Nocturnal Lyric - 3-times-a-year literary zine printing bizarre short fiction and literature poetry.
  • Exiled on Main Street - A small cultural zine by Bill Tuomala, available literature in print literature or online.
  • The Means - Irregularly published literary magazine and online companion weblog. Submissions, subscriptions, literature and links.
  • Project Pulp - Over 20 zines available for ordering on the web.
  • Male Pattern Badass - A now defunct underground zine of The University zines of Tampa. The website remains with guestbook.
  • Leeking Inc. - Resources, some perzines and Xerography Debt online
  • Truck Stop Zine - Dedicated to examining the cultural effects of the road.
  • Frida loves Diego - A distro with plenty of zines listed
  • Thoughtworm - Contains out-of-print stories, information on how to order the print zine, news, a booklist by Malinda, and zine reviews.
  • Grey Borders - Litzine based in Ontario, Canada. Editors Jordan Fry, literature Rebecca Wolfe, magazines and e-zines Greg Osadec and Koreen McCullough.
  • Textum Magazine - Publishes established writers as well as unseen writers. literature Writing, book reviews, literary criticism.
  • Reddog Review - Litzine archive and store. Also home to the Nevada Journal.
  • Scripturient Productions: For People Who Love Words - Scripturient Productions: dedicated to showcasing and encouraging the literature talent of writers under 21 years old. Plus literature other related projects.
  • the carbon based mistake - Self published zines by Marc Calvary where the literature title zine literature is ever changing, ranging from photo literature essays to short stories.
  • TrunkSpace - Twice-yearly zine featuring fiction, nonfiction, poetry, drama, and magazines and e-zines magazines and e-zines art.
  • discontent - A self-published print zine devoted to themes of magazines and e-zines ambition and mediocrity. Ordering information, past issues with magazines and e-zines selected articles.
  • Pipe Up! - Monthly magazine of politics, art, culture, music, and zines humor. With literature issue archives, submission information, and a zines message forum.
  • the2ndhand - Online version of a free printed broadside distributed zines throughout Chicago, the US, and the world.
  • Unleaded - Indie zine offering news on the latest issues, literature subscription info, links and gratitude.
  • MobyLives - News, reports, and commentary on literature and writers.
  • Collective Insanity - An annual zine with poems, stories, editorials, pure nonsense, photography...
  • Walk the Plank! - An assortment of articles and commentary, concerning politics literature and pop culture.
  • Notes from a Barstool - Guildford-based quarterly zine dedicated to flash fiction. Submission guidelines and zines samples.
  • Any Dream Will Do - A magazine of short stories from the mentally magazines and e-zines ill perspective.
  • Cashiers du Cinemart - Film news, reviews and kooky interviews fill the pages of this web appendage for the Detroit movie zine. Also features the anti-Tarantino page.
  • Cthulhu Sex - Dark arts and literature. A 48 page production.
  • Crimson Regret - Zine distro distributing various Australian zines by mail order. Catalogue, magazines and e-zines orders and messageboard.
  • Stop Smiling - A view askance at media and the subjects it reports, from the perspective of independent culture.
  • mujinga - The web presence of an English / Czech zine which features art, culture, fiction, politics, party, protest.
  • Negative Capability - A "brilliant, funny, sick, vicious, angry" zine from New York zines City by Josh Saitz
  • [sic] - Bi-monthly submission \\'zine featuring word, visuals and multimedia. Online and literature paper format.
  • Musea - For art and the art revolution. Various links magazines and e-zines magazines and e-zines and essays.
  • Java Turtle - Personal zine from a black woman\\'s perspective. Online magazines and e-zines magazines and e-zines companion to the print zine.
  • The Black Horse Express - Newsletter for writers and readers of Black Horse magazines and e-zines Westerns. Back issues, submission guidelines, and discussion group.
  • Memory Hole - A bibliographic catalog of science fiction fanzines.
  • girlongirl - A feminist publication project - newsletter, graffiti, zines, handbooks, merchandise.
  • nosuch - From Boston. About everything and nothing. Reviews, art, music, and life. In general.
  • Re:Magazine - A bi-annual publication based in Vancouver BC. This site contains zines guidelines for submitting music / literature / visual-art, along with zines band and artist information.
  • The Inner Swine - The web site for the New Jersey zine features samples, literature web only content, and past issues in PDF format.
  • Grrl - A pop culture zine containing topics such as evil kids magazines and e-zines and Halloween, Sex, Santa vs. Satan, puppets, Lucha Libre wrestling, magazines and e-zines drag queens and Alice in Wonderland.
  • The Constant Rider - Chronicling adventures in public transportation in Portland, Oregon. zines Reviews and zines order details.

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