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Unique line of postcards depicting vintage comic book, pulp, paperback covers, pinups, and sci-fi/horror movie posters - also available as notecards and magnets.

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See Also:
  • The Thrilling Detective - A directory of private eyes and other tough literature guys and periods and movements gals, complete with bios and bibliographies.
  • The Holloway Pages: Flash Gordon - A history and overview of Alex Raymond\\'s Flash literature Gordon with information on his brief pulp magazine literature career.
  • The Modesty Blaise Book Covers - Cover artwork and descriptions of the Modesty Blaise book series literature by Peter O'Donnell.
  • ThePulp.Net - The history and legacy of the pulps -- pulp fiction the popular literature from the first half of pulp fiction the 20th century -- is covered here. You pulp fiction will find information on The Shadow, Doc Savage, pulp fiction The Spider and more pulp characters.
  • ThrillerUK - The magazine for fans of American and British pulp fiction. literature Subscription information, and a list of British pulp heroes.
  • Astounding Graphics - Unique line of postcards depicting vintage comic book, literature pulp, paperback periods and movements covers, pinups, and sci-fi/horror movie posters literature - also available as periods and movements notecards and magnets.
  • An Expansion of Philip Jose Farmer's Wold Newton Universe - Chronologies, articles and speculative genealogies based on Farmer\\'s pseudo-biographies of Tarzan and Doc Savage.
  • Noir Texas - A bibliographic, filmographic resource of noir, pulp, and hardboiled fiction and film.
  • Cheap Thrills & Painted Nightmares - Information about a documentary on the art of pulp fiction periods and movements magazines. With downloadable trailer.
  • Mutoworld Pulps - Exploration of the pulp genre graphics as related pulp fiction to pulp fiction the pin-up form. Historical references from story pulp fiction papers and pulp fiction dime novels through the \\'armpit slicks\\', pulp fiction men\'s magazines and pulp fiction comics that followed.
  • The Captain Mors Page - A site dedicated to examining the German pulp pulp fiction hero periods and movements Captain Mors. Contains critical commentary, cover images, pulp fiction and the periods and movements e-texts of his first and 156th pulp fiction issue.
  • Pulp Heroes - Articles about Doc Savage and other pulps.
  • Waystation Central - The internet guide to paperbacks, pulps, pulp fiction and magazines. Some good articles on American pulps pulp fiction and paperbacks. Information on, and cover scans of pulp fiction the British and Australian equivalents to the American pulp fiction pulps, as well.
  • The Pulp Rack - Ezine dedicated to 20th-century adventure and western pulps. Biographical essays, bibliographies, reviews, and links.
  • Virginia Tech Speculative Fiction Project - Reprints of science fiction pulps online. Includes Air pulp fiction Wonder periods and movements Stories and Marvel Science Stories, among others.
  • Phantom Detective - The only webpage dedicated to the Phantom Detective. literature Includes a literature guide to all the stories. Some literature cover scans.
  • Adventure House Publishing - Home of pulp reprint magazine High Adventure, the Spider facsimile pulp fiction reprints, and other pulp-related paraphernalia.
  • Pulp Fiction Central - Part of Vintage Library, this online store gives periods and movements literature much information about the pulps, including cover art, periods and movements literature writer profiles, and sells print and electronic reprints periods and movements literature of the mags. Secure ordering. Requires Adobe Acrobat periods and movements literature to read the online reprints.
  • Pulp Magazine Gallery (Old SF Books) - Science fiction and fantasy pulp magazines for sale. This periods and movements site has scans of pulp covers and a list of periods and movements stories in each listed issue.

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