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This site contains Doc Savage cover illustrations for pulp and paperback editions. Also provides synopsis of stories and fan reviews.

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  • Doc Savage: The Man Of Bronze - The Movie - Narrative with photographs. Doc Savage movie (1975) produced by George pulp fiction Pal starring Ron Ely
  • Doc Savage The Supreme Adventurer - Arizona Doc Savage convention, story index, foreign editions, doc savage letters from James Bama, Crime College.
  • Doc Savage, Rogue's Hero - Short essay on Doc Savage, includes sound bites pulp fiction from the movie and NPR radio shows.
  • Western Historical Manuscript Collection - Columbia - University collection: Lester B. Dent (1904-1959). Manuscripts, pulp fiction pulp magazines, film. Donated by Mrs. Norma Dent.
  • The Holloway Pages: Pulp Heroes: Doc Savage - Reprinting of the forward from the three different pulp fiction Ideal periods and movements Library books, essay on The Man of pulp fiction Bronze, The periods and movements Doc Savage Code.
  • Doc Savage WebRing - Internet Fans of Bronze WebRing
  • The Bronze Journal - Articles about Doc Savage and hero pulps in pulp fiction general.
  • The Wold Newton Universe - Genealogy of famous literary characters including Doc Savage periods and movements and his assistants.
  • Bronzdom - Scans of Street and Smith books and other collectibles. doc savage Pictures of Phillip Jose Farmer and Boris Vallejo.
  • Doc Savage.Org - This site contains Doc Savage cover illustrations for doc savage pulp and paperback editions. Also provides synopsis doc savage of stories and fan reviews.
  • Hidalgo Trading Company - Python Isle original plot, Doc Savage movie photographs, periods and movements Man of Bronze trading cards.
  • Doc Savage Model by Jacques Lamontagne - Picture and discussion on model building.
  • Doc Savage FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions for Doc Savage, Pulp Hero
  • Syracuse University Street Street & Smith Project - Syracuse University Street and Smith\\'s Preservation and Access pulp fiction Project. periods and movements Information on the company plus Doc pulp fiction Savage radio periods and movements scripts list.
  • Doc Savage Club - This is a Yahoo Discussion Group on Doc periods and movements Savage. Membership by application. Archived messages periods and movements are public.
  • Flea Run - Yahoo Groups private discussion group. Subject matter: doc savage stories, authors, publisher, and other topics. Membership by doc savage application.
  • Doc Savage in French - French editions: General and historical information, full publication doc savage listings, cover scans, text samples. Bilingual site (English doc savage and French).
  • ThePulp.Net: Doc Savage - Brief sketch of the Man of Bronze and links to Doc Savage sites.
  • Bronze Refined As Silver - Doc Savage fan fiction with religious content.
  • Doc Savage Comics Resource Page - Listing of all known comics, cover scans, story doc savage synopsis.
  • Golden Perils - Fan magazine on the Bloody Pulps. Past periods and movements pulp fiction issues index. Frequent Doc Savage articles. periods and movements pulp fiction New issues available in electronic format.

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