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See Also:
  • Surrealist Writers - Brief glossary of primary writers and precursors of literature the surrealist periods and movements movement, with many links to sites literature on individual writers.
  • Personal website of Eric W. Bragg - Features the art and books of this author literature and artist. literature Provides links to other pertinent literature surrealist sites.
  • What is Surrealism? - Essay by Andre Breton.
  • History of the Cadavre Exquis - Brief description of this artistic technique.
  • Paul Colinet: Selected Prose Poems - Belgian Surrealist prose poems, translated.
  • Palimpsest by J. B. Sclisizzi - Collage poetry, short excerpts from books including Breton\'s Nadja.
  • Surrealist Love Poems - Three poems by surrealist writers, from the book of the literature same name.
  • Surrealist Resources and Links - Many contemporary, international links for surrealism and related movements.
  • Exact Change - Publishes literary classics of surrealism, dada, fluxus, pataphysics, and other experimental art movements of the 19th and 20th century.
  • Magnetic Fields - Working group of surrealists in Minnesota.
  • No More Words - A "non-glossary" including brief profiles of various surrealists and dadaists.
  • Surrealist Manifestos - Includes the translated Manifesto of Surrealism, Secrets of the Magical surrealism Surrealist Art, and A Surrealist Manifesto (written mostly by André surrealism Breton).
  • The Surrealism Server - Extensive collection including a bibliography, image gallery, surrealist games, and periods and movements the Surrealist Compliment Generator.
  • Uurealism - Contemporary blending of art and spirituality to create literature texts and literature performance art, influenced in part by literature surrealist methods.
  • A Sampling of French Surrealist Poetry - Works by Desnos, Eluard, Réverdy and Soupault in surrealism English translation.

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