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Welcome to Croatian haiku web pages of Rijeka haiku poets; now includes materials from open submissions as well as worldwide haiku news and local poets' haiku. (Most pages have English content; scroll down.)

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  • HaikuOz - Site of the Australian haiku organization. Includes news, haiku and related forms publications, and details about upcoming competitions.
  • Haiku Canada - Haiku Canada is a society of haiku poets forms and enthusiasts founded in 1977 by Dr. Eric forms Amann, Betty Drevniok and George Swede. Members share forms information on haiku, haiku events, forms organizations, markets and publications. Publishes Haiku Canada Newsletter.
  • Upstate Dim Sum - This is the site of the Route 9 Haiku Group, haiku and related forms based in Upstate New York. This small group meets monthly haiku and related forms for an all-day haiku presentation and critique session, and publishes haiku and related forms two issues of its journal annually.
  • Haiku Ireland - Web site of the newly formed (2005) Haiku forms Ireland group.
  • Red Thread Haiku Sangha - Web site of a haiku group in the associations UK and Ireland that conducts workshops and publishes associations the haiku, haibun, and articles of members, including associations Ken Jones, Noragh Jones, George Marsh, Anne Griffiths, associations and others. Site managed by member Jim Norton.
  • Hailstone Haiku Circle - The old, archived weblog of the Hailstone Haiku haiku and related forms Circle, a group of Japanese and foreign haiku haiku and related forms poets meeting regularly in the Kansai area of haiku and related forms Japan and writing in English. Current activity has haiku and related forms moved to "Icebox"--see below.
  • ukku spring haiku - Weblog of the low-key online group "ukku" (UK Haiku?).
  • Alaska Haiku Society - Alaska haiku poetry is shared by members of haiku and related forms Alaska Haiku Society and guest poets. Site managed haiku and related forms by Billie Wilson and Cindy Zackowitz.
  • North Carolina Haiku Society - Includes haiku by members, brief notes and remarks on haiku, haiku and related forms lists of haiku books, lists of haiku-related links.
  • World Haiku Association - Web site of this worldwide membership group, with haiku and related associations forms pages of scores of members\\' haiku and other haiku and associations related forms resources. Webmaster Bin Akio, a senior member of haiku associations and related forms Japan's haiku community.
  • Irish Haiku Society - The Irish Haiku Society is a not-for-profit organisation founded in haiku and related forms 2006 to promote the writing and appreciation of haiku in haiku and related forms Ireland. The IHS conducts workshops, readings, and ginko [haiku excursions].
  • Haiku Poets of Northern California - Homepage of one of the larger and more haiku and related haiku and related forms forms vigorous local haiku organizations in North America.
  • British Haiku Society - Founded in 1990, the British Haiku Society involves associations members from forms the British Isles and around the associations English-speaking haiku world. They forms publish a hardcopy magazine associations and newsletter, and sell their publications forms and books associations from their Web site.
  • Haiku NewZ - The haiku pages of the NZ Poetry Society. associations Information, articles haiku and related forms and links about haiku and related associations forms in New Zealand haiku and related forms and further afield. Edited associations by Sandra Simpson.
  • Croatian Haiku Poets Association - Welcome to Croatian haiku web pages of Rijeka haiku poets; forms now includes materials from open submissions as well as worldwide forms haiku news and local poets\\' haiku. (Most pages have English forms content; scroll down.)
  • Young Leaves - Web site of the Yuki Teikei Haiku Society forms of United haiku and related forms States and Canada, a Bay Area forms group with international membership haiku and related forms and extensive activities built forms around a tradition-based understanding of haiku.
  • Haiku Society of America - "The Haiku Society of America is a not-for-profit haiku and related associations forms organization founded in 1968 to promote the writing haiku and associations related forms and appreciation of haiku in English." Publishes journal haiku associations and related forms Frogpond. Recently updates with new definitions of haiku associations haiku and related forms and related genres.
  • Southern California Haiku Study Group - Weblog of the Southern California Haiku Study group, which meets on the 3rd Saturday of the month from 2-4 pm for a kukai and haiku read-around. Announcements, notices, comments on events.
  • The Skipping Stones - A small international group that publishes its own online journal. associations Webmaster Jason Sanford Brown.
  • World Haiku Club - International haiku organization founded in 1998, involved with haiku instruction and online resources. Publishes World Haiku Review online; operates several online mailing lists.
  • Icebox - Web site (blog) of the Kyoto-based Hailstones Haiku Circle.
  • Boston Haiku Society - Promotes the reading and writing of haiku poetry in English associations through public readings, constructive criticism among peers, and special programs associations in the Boston metropolitan area. The Society hosted Haiku North associations America 2001.
  • HIA Haiku International Association - An international haiku association formed in 1989 by forms the leadership forms of the three main haiku organizations, forms with members in Japan forms and foreign countries. Also forms features an international haiku contest. Pages forms edited by forms Shun'ichi Shibota.

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