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A haiku anthology built entirely online, and featuring quick loading, single-haiku presentation for contemplation, and brief biographical notes on authors.

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Millikin University Haiku* - Hosts haiku projects, research and publications. Includes student collections, information about courses, and details of past competitions.
In the Moonlight a Worm* - A detailed guide for the teaching of haiku to primary and secondary pupils, plus a self teaching guide.

  • Haiku for People! - A primer on haiku.
  • Russian Haiku - Also has a "Foreign" section, with material in poetry English, French, poetry and Japanese. Definition of Haiku.
  • Poetry in the Light - Haiku, tanka, sijo, related genres and articles by internationally known as well as promising poets of these genres.
  • Meister Z's Haiku Index - Entrance to the world of haiku according to forms "Meister Z". haiku and related forms An independent view.
  • History of Haiku - Haiku by 10 classical and modern masters, with forms brief biographies
  • Issa's Haiku Home Page - A group of pages devoted to Issa and haiku and related poetry forms his haiku, prepared by Yoshi Mikami. In both haiku and poetry related forms English and Japanese.
  • Haiku For Beginners - A lesson in Haiku appreciation and writing, conducted forms by Paul poetry Brown.
  • Introduction: Haikai, Hokku, Haiku - Links to a series of brief pages with introductory material haiku and related forms on haiku by professors associated with Columbia University: Donald Keene, haiku and related forms and Haruo Shirane. Includes brief video and audio clips.
  • Chaba - An innovative site with haiku by several hands and music, brought to you by John Hudak. Back online after some hiatus.
  • The Five Hundred Essential Japanese Season Words - Five hundred traditional Japanese season words with authoritative English translations, seasonally organized, for the benefit of haiku and linked poem poets and translators of traditional Japanese poetry. Selected by Kenkichi Yamamoto, translated by Kris
  • The Haiku Habit - Capture your special moments in nature by recording them in poetry short evocative poems the Japanese call "haiku". Essays on writing, poetry editing, and publishing haiku. By Jeanne Emrich and others.
  • SciFaiku.com - Science-fiction haiku including poetry, explanations of scifaiku, and forms a mailing list.
  • Haiku Reality - English home page of a site devoted to poetry haiku in Serbia and Montenegro, though including material poetry from worldwide sources in both Serbian (or Croatian) poetry and English. Hosted by Saša Važić.
  • Bilingual Haiku - A Japanese haiku poet\\'s site, with substantial sections--including a season-word haiku and related forms list, haiku by modern masters, and some of her own haiku and related forms haiku--in English as well as Japanese. By Noriko Kageyama.
  • QuietSite - Haiku and poetry and liguistics. Among other things, contains samples haiku and related forms of English-language haiku in a range of forms, plus essays haiku and related forms on linguistics and haiku by site owner Richard Gilbert.
  • Tanka-Sijo Cupboard - A comparative selection of poems in both the forms traditional Japanese and Korean forms, respectively. Markets, links, forms definitions, supplied by Neca Stoller.
  • Shiki Haikusphere - The Shiki Haikusphere is the new form of the Shiki Internet Haiku Salon web site, now hosted at Ehime University, Japan, and brought to us by the continued efforts of the Shiki Team in Matsuyama.
  • Dogwood Blossoms - Legacy web site of the online haiku magazine edited by haiku and related forms Gary Warner, last updated in 1998. Some good haiku reading.
  • Haiku of Kobayashi Issa - A collection of haiku by the Japanese poet Kobayashi Issa, haiku and related forms in romanized Japanese and with fine translations by David Lanoue.
  • Haikuworld - Haikuworld is dedicated to bringining poets, publishers, and forms readers together. poetry Information on books, magazines, and contests. forms Monthly haiku kukai. Webmaster poetry Gary Warner.
  • Mushimegane - Haiku, Tanka, And Contemporary Art - Legacy site of one of the more interesting haiku and related poetry forms Japanese haiku publication Web sites in English (and haiku and poetry related forms French and Japanese). Contains much information on haiku, haiku poetry and related forms tanka, and related subjects. Edited by Ryu Yotsuya poetry haiku and related forms and Niji Fuyuno.
  • The Art of Haiku - Articles, reviews, mailing list and links.
  • Haiku Dreaming Australia - A site devoted to haiku and senryu firmly set in Australian landscape and culture. Managed by John Bird.
  • Haiku Spirit: The Art of Haiku - Legacy web site of Haiku Spirit, a now poetry defunct print journal of haiku, haibun, tanka renga poetry and related forms with anthologies, articles and book poetry reviews. Edited by Sean O\'Connor and Jim Norton.
  • Haiku Haven - Haiku, tanka and related forms of writing. Edited poetry by Victoria poetry Valentine.
  • First Australian Haiku Anthology - A haiku anthology built entirely online, and featuring quick loading, single-haiku presentation for contemplation, and brief biographical notes on authors.
  • Haiku Beach - A modest site dedicated to haiku poetry. The site contains poetry haiku written by the site creator and encourages participation by poetry other haiku poets. Managed by Colin Shaddick.
  • WHC ... World Kigo Database - This weblog represents an attempt to build a haiku and related forms comprehensive database of words and phrases that might haiku and related forms serve as season words in global haiku. It haiku and related forms includes sections for Alaska, Hawai\\'i, Romania, and Kenya, haiku and related forms among other places, and the ongoing discussion of haiku and related forms many
  • The Wordshop - Homepage leading to discussions of sijo, haiku, renga forms and other haiku and related forms forms, Asian and otherwise. Hosted by forms Larry Gross.
  • Touring of Haiku Monuments in Matsuyama - "Haiku Monuments" are modest in scale, usually including simply the text of a well-loved poem and the name of the author. The city of Matsuyama and Ehime Prefecture, home to such poets as Shiki and Santoka, and visited by Saigyo, boasts a large
  • Free Times / Temps Libres - An international haiku site in English and French, forms featuring haiku haiku and related forms theory and practice, publication, rules, reading forms corner. Online submissions accepted. haiku and related forms Includes "Aozora", a special forms sub-section devoted to the haiku scene haiku and related forms in southeastern forms Europe,
  • Dhugal J. Lindsay's Haiku Universe - Offers many pages of information on haiku.
  • Aha! Poetry - The main entry page to Jane Reichhold\\'s world haiku and related haiku and related forms forms of haiku, tanka, and linked poetry.
  • Haiku - Summary of a talk by Prof. Eleanor Kerkham, forms of the forms University of Maryland.
  • Haiku Poet's Hut - Haiku by Soji, aka Gary Barnes, haiku by haiku and related haiku and related forms forms the masters, Basho, Buson, Issa, and by a haiku and haiku and related forms related forms number of contemporary practitioners of the art in haiku haiku and related forms and related forms English.
  • Haikutalk Links Page - Links to the haiku world in English by forms Gerald England. haiku and related forms In addition to the useful links forms to many different haiku haiku and related forms web sites, there is forms a link to his "Art of haiku and related forms Haiku" web forms pages, a useful compendium of haiku and related haiku and related forms forms information, commentary.
  • Fay Aoyagi's homepage - While this site includes a number of Fay Aoyagi\\'s haiku, forms it also includes her striking translations of modern Japanese haiku forms by living masters, and a new page of "favorite haiku" forms by others, with her comments, that could become an important forms resou
  • Masaoka Shiki Haiku Awards Project - This site gives information on the substantial literary forms prizes given poetry as a result of the Matsuyama forms Declaration of 1999. Watch poetry here for award announcements. forms Maintained by the Ehime Culture Foundation, poetry Ehime Prefecture, forms Japan.
  • The Japan Pages - Articles about Japanese culture, from haiku stones and reviews of Basho translations to a pilgrimage of 108 temples, by Ad G. Blankestijn.
  • Mann Library Daily Haiku - The Mann Library at Cornell University presents a forms haiku by an American poet each day.
  • Museum of Haiku Literature - Gateway to the English-language pages of the museum poetry in Tokyo forms run by the Haiku Poets Association, poetry Japan's largest haiku organization.
  • Basho Memorial Museum - Sponsors an annual English-language haiku contest with an August deadline, haiku and related forms in connection with its Basho Festival in October each year.
  • Ray's Web: Photography and Haiku - Photography and haiku, haibun, and haiga by Ray Rasmussen.
  • Butterfly Dreams - Entry page of Butterfly Dreams: The Seasons through poetry Haiku and poetry Photographs. About thirty classic and modern poetry Japanese haiku in translations poetry by William J. Higginson, poetry together with nature photographs by Michael poetry Lustbader.
  • Sumauma Haiku - Brazilian haiku site, largely in Portuguese, but with poetry substantial information about haiku and representation in English poetry of many International haiku poets.
  • Haiku Hike (World Walks) - A series of hikes through the London Olympic Development Site poetry will take place with participants encouraged to share their feelings poetry haiku-like or otherwise.
  • California State Library - This is the welcome page of the California haiku and related forms forms State Library, home of the American Haiku Archive. haiku and forms related forms A simple search on the keyword "haiku" currently haiku forms and related forms produces over 1600 items, mostly donated by Elizabeth forms haiku and related forms Searle Lamb; undoubtedly the largest public coll
  • Contemporary Haiku - "Contemporary Haiku: Origins and New Directions", an essay by A.C. haiku and related forms Missias. Clear summary of the situation in English.
  • Haiku, Senryu, Tanka - Links pertaining to haiku, senryu, tanka and other short forms haiku and related forms of poetry, selected and annotated.
  • Haiku North America - A biennial gathering of haiku poets. Includes background, haiku and related haiku and related forms forms details of the current year\\'s event, and past haiku and haiku and related forms related forms conference information.
  • Haiku Poetry: Links, References and Resources - One of the most comprehensive collections of links haiku and related haiku and related forms forms to haiku resources on the Internet, assembled by haiku and haiku and related forms related forms Michael P. Garofalo.
  • An Introduction to Haiku - "200 Best Haiku of Japanese Literature." An interesting poetry selection, in forms variable translations. Just a touch sentimental poetry here and there.
  • Haikumania - Portal to dozens of experiments with and extensions of haiku, managed by Paul T. Conneally.

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