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An index to haiku-related sites maintained with links, though some are now defunct. An historical legacy site. Webmaster Michael P. Garofalo.

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Editor's Picks:

haiga* - A blog of haiku, senryu, tanka, haiga by Eric Houck, Jr.
Xaiku* - The haiga, haiku, haibun, and renku of Norman Darlington, with a special section of links to Balkan haiku Web pages.

  • Haiku poetry - Pain. Nature. Freedom. Contemporary haiku poetry by Ulf haiku and related forms forms Mohager. Originally a wap site, but now accessible haiku and forms related forms through an emulator also. Updated with 1-3 poems/week.
  • Naia's Haiku Haven - Haiku, tanka, and other poetry written by Naia, forms related haiku links, and a collection of uplifting forms and thought-provoking quotes and ponderables.
  • J. D. Nelson : haiku - The haiku of xenographer J. D. Nelson
  • Bin's Haiku World. - Haiku master Akio Bin\\'s Haiku World English-language pages. personal pages A personal pages student of Shiki and master of personal pages his own personal pages haiku group, Bin-sensei has had the personal pages good luck to personal pages have a number personal pages of his haiku translated personal pages for this page.
  • Janice M Bostok - Home page of Janice M. Bostok, Australian haiku forms poet.
  • Magnapoets Japanese Form - This weblog dedicated to haiku, haiga, senryu, haibun, and tanka, personal pages includes works by a couple of dozen contributors from several personal pages countries.
  • Close to Haiku - Modern haiku that tries to follow ancient Japanese forms tradition in haiku and related forms a 21st century world, by Kate.
  • Winter Haiku 2007 - A weblog community of poets, sharing haiku on the subject of this winter, 2007-2008, hosted by Isabel and Mandy.
  • - Haiku, tanka, haiga, and other things from Carol forms Raisfeld.
  • Early Works - A weblog of Kevin Paul Miller\\'s previously published haiku, tanka forms and free verse poems. Occasional commentary on poetry, writing, and forms internet publishing from sources around the web.
  • wakakusa - haiku and related poems in a blog by haiku and related personal pages forms Dustin.
  • Ricardo Haiku Blog - Personal haiku blog in English and Lithuanian updated personal pages every personal pages day by Ričardas.
  • Small Poems - A poet's work in mostly haiku, by SB.
  • Morden Haiku - Daily haiku and thoughts thereon by Matt Morden.
  • USpace Haiku y Senryu + - Random Images and a back door to Absurd forms Thoughts - a weblog of haiku and other forms "form poems" by Uspace.
  • Inklings - H. Gene Murtha\\'s blog: poems, haiku, tanka, haibun . . .
  • Yerry Hill Road Haiku - Traditional haiku written over the past five years concerning the personal pages same walk that the author has made on Yerry Hill personal pages Road, Woodstock, New York, during all four seasons. Photographs accompany personal pages the haiku. Weblog by Sarvananda Bluestone.
  • Word Field. Your Haiku Coach. - Known on the Web as "wordfield", haiku authority forms Bill Higginson haiku and related forms is also interested in helping those forms who wish to write--or haiku and related forms improve their writing of--haiku.
  • Haikus from the Soul - Haikus from the soul is a site devoted personal pages to personal pages 5-7-5s (i.e., mostly not haiku), mostly by personal pages site-owners Lukas personal pages and Alison.
  • Kankodori - Web site of Origa (Olga Hooper), with links forms to her bilingual weblog (English/Russian). Haiku, haiga, diaries, forms etc.
  • Crows & Daisies - Haiku, haiga, photos and occasional stuff in Slovenian and English by Polona Oblak.
  • masago-no-haiku - A haiku weblog from Masago (Vaughn Seward).
  • Such Days / Many Things - An experimental website featuring haiku, poetica, original music, forms and various personal pages amusements, by Robert L. Kusiolek.
  • Notes from the Seaboard - Eric Hayden\\'s weblog, primarily devoted to original haiku personal pages and haiku and related forms haibun from the Sunshine State.
  • The Plenitude of Emptiness - A blog consisting mainly of haibun, by Hortensia personal pages Anderson.
  • zen speug - A haiku and related poetry weblog in Scots and English personal pages by John McDonald.
  • Haiku - Haiku and photos by Joyce Petrosky-Hale and Carole personal pages Mathys.
  • Haiku and Happiness - - - Happiness and Haiku - Gabi Greve\\'s weblog devoted to her haiku, with links to personal pages many things, including photographs of her extensive collection of Daruma personal pages images and statues.
  • scifAI - SciFaiku by Alex Ibrado, updated daily.
  • Short Summers - Haikus from Cindy Zackowitz about the seasons, written haiku and related forms forms in English and French and illustrated with photographs.
  • Haiku Musings - Regular notes from poet and author Edward Weiss
  • Couplets - A blog devoted to "crystallines" by Brian Strand. haiku and related forms The crystalline is a haiku-like poem in couplet haiku and related forms form.
  • Eikon - Many examples of this cinqku fixed form cinquain personal pages with forms guidelines to this concise 17 syllable image personal pages verse form forms by Brian Strand.
  • American Sentences - Essays, examples, links and interviews presenting a uniquely haiku and related personal pages forms American form of haiku, created by poet Allen haiku and personal pages related forms Ginsberg. Features the "American sentences" of Paul Nelson.
  • kami haiku - A weblog of haiku by Judy Kamilhor, involving Brooklyn, New personal pages York City, and baseball.
  • Haiku Sketch Book - A collection of haiku in both Dutch and English, by Frans J.P.M. Kwaad.
  • The Haiku & Zen World of James W Hackett - Site of James W. Hackett, American haiku pioneer personal pages and personal pages correspondent of R. H. Blyth.
  • Haiku in Low Places - Haiku and other personal poetry pages by Paul David Mena. Some good stuff here. Includes link to his haiku-a-day blog.
  • Pallas Arthea - A homage website, featuring a poem, dedicated to Arthea Arese Sunico Quesada.
  • HaigArt - HaigArt - Haiku, Haiga, Haibun, Senryu, Tanka, Art, forms Photography, Poetry, Prose, Philosophy, Thoughts on the Aesthetics forms of Living, by Natalia L. Rudychev.
  • Haiku Arts Room - Haiku in Japanese and English translation with stunning artwork by personal pages the poet, Tamasudare.
  • Past Tense - Haiku and tanka weblog of J. A. Lockhart.
  • Chances - Flash-based haiku By Jeffrey Winke.
  • Tom's Haiku - Haiku on Tom Brinck\\'s website for usability, poetry, personal pages art, etc.
  • f/k/a . . . - Weblog of retired lawyer David Giacalone, who takes up legal forms issues among the haiku. Lately, haiku has been the main forms focus, and many haiku poets have poems on the site. forms Includes a significant discussion of copyright and haiku.
  • Larry Kimmel & Winfred Press - Personal haiku pages by Larry Kimmel, featuring haiku, tanka, cherita, forms gembun and short poems. Links to his Winfred Press pages: forms haiku bumper stickers; printed books.
  • Eel Pie Dharma - A 60\\'s memoir / haibun in prose and personal pages haiku by Chris Faiers, including memories of Eel personal pages Pie Commune, Glastonbury Festival and travelling through Europe.
  • Tobacco Road Poet - Curtis Dunlap - This site features both Curtis\\'s own writings, in forms several genres haiku and related forms including haiku and linked forms, and forms also has a fresh haiku and related forms poem by another poet forms featured daily, with a readily accessible haiku and related forms archive of forms these poems.
  • Haiku Cupboard - A variety of poetry and fiction with definitions, examples, links, haiku and related forms writer\\'s tools, and books. Its contents are haiku, tanka, sijo, haiku and related forms renku, haibun, stort story, flash fiction, flash play, contemporary poetry, haiku and related forms prose poems, free verse, fiction. By Neca Stolle
  • Haiku Novels and Criticism by David G. Lanoue - Haiku novels, translation, criticism, with excerpts from some personal pages of forms the author's books.
  • Haiku Writing Center - A blog of haiku theory and mutual criticism forms by Tom forms D'Evelyn and Madeleine Findlay.
  • Area 17 - A blog by Alan Summers, an active poet who does personal pages a good deal with haiku.
  • Big Cec's Haiku Page - Contemporary American haiku, with photographs by the author.
  • Ayumi no Haiku - English Haikus written in English by a Japanese, personal pages along haiku and related forms with a few translations.
  • Sangeet's Haiku and Poetry Corner - A personal page, with links to articles on haiku and related forms forms form.
  • Wisteria Press - Offers haiku books, articles, lessons and more, by forms Edward Weiss. haiku and related forms Also, home page of a daily-haiku forms e-mail service, with open haiku and related forms submissions.
  • Haiku Field - The haiku and haibun of Martin Gottlileb Cohen, haiku and related forms forms plus some haiga and photo-haiku with his poems.
  • -the sound of splinters- - A haiku weblog by jem.
  • Cuttings: Haiku Poetry by Michael P. Garofalo - Short poems and haiku organized by month. haiku and related forms forms Poems reflect the rural lifestyle of Red Bluff, haiku and forms related forms California.
  • Haiku from Tobacco Road - Haiku and related writings by H. Curtis Dunlap.
  • Creative Ideas - Samples of poetry and some thoughts on haiku by Dan forms Brady.
  • Nick Virgilio Poetry Project - Welcome - Nicholas A. Virgilio (1928-1989) was a pioneer of American haiku. This site brings to the Web some of the archive of his works at Rutgers University, Camden, NJ.
  • Byakko's Haiku - Author- and user-submitted haiku. Includes instant haiku haiku and related forms forms generator and links to haiku resources.
  • The Haiku of WordWright - Haiku by Colin Crombie, WordWright
  • marlene mountain - Marlene Mountain\\'s writing/painting journey from late 50s to personal pages present, haiku and related forms including especially one-line haiku and visual "eye-ku".
  • Hokku - David Coomler\\'s blog devoted to "hokku"--his term for personal pages traditional personal pages (i.e., pre-modern) haiku.
  • Index to Haiku Materials on the Internet - An index to haiku-related sites maintained with links, though some forms are now defunct. An historical legacy site. Webmaster Michael P. forms Garofalo.
  • Poems of 17syllables Madoka Mayuzumi - English-language homepage of the rising media Japanesse star and haiku master. Link to "poem of this week" at bottom of page leads to many of her haiku, translated into one-line format in English.

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