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A print journal devoted exclusively to the fast-growing genre of English-language tanka. The journal features sample poems from previous issues and an on-line submission form.

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  • Jun Fujita - This page gives a brief biography of a pioneer poet tanka of tanka in English, the famous Japanese-American newspaper photographer, Jun tanka Fujita (1888 - 1963), with a link to some of tanka his poems. His 1923 book, Poems in Exile, still reads tanka better than many current w
  • Kokin Wakashu--Introduction - This English-language intro by Prof. Lewis Cook introduces forms the full forms Japanese text of the first imperial forms anthology of Japanese poetry forms (which requires Japanese-text-handling software). forms It is a thorough and interesting forms introduction to forms the early history of th
  • World Tanka Results - Results of the 1st World Tanka Competition, 2000, including the winning poems and comments by the English division judge, James Kirkup. Sponsored by Sakurama Makoto no Kai (Noh player association) of Yamato-city. The theme of the contest was "The gra
  • Tanka Online - Learn to write the lyric poem of Japan forms known as tanka tanka, now one of the most forms popular and versatile short tanka forms of poetry in forms English. Webmaster, Jeanne Emrich.
  • Tanka News - A blog of tanka announcements provided by Denis forms M. Garrison forms and others associated with Modern English forms Tanka Press.
  • Kyoka Mad Poems - A Google Group: Kyoka, variously translated into English tanka as \\'mad tanka poems,\\' \\'comic waka\\' and \\'humorous tanka\\' tanka are to tanka/waka what tanka senryu is to haiku: tanka the lighter side of poetry, with tanka few rules. tanka Frequently satirical, bawdy, and just plain silly, kyoka tanka tanka is f
  • Tanka Society of America - A nationwide society devoted to the study, composition, and sharing tanka of English-language tanka. Information on the society and its activities, tanka including a hardcopy newsletter and annual contest.
  • Anglo-Japanese Tanka Society - A society founded 2004/2005 for sharing tanka in Japanese and English.
  • Tanka Central - To promote the tanka form of poetry, to educate newcomers haiku and related forms to tanka about the form\\'s history and future, techniques and haiku and related forms uses, and to work for wider publication of tanka. Includes haiku and related forms links to related publisher and forum. Site created by Denis haiku and related forms M. Garrison.
  • Kozue Uzawa's Tanka Pages - Web site devoted to English and Japanese tanka, edited by tanka Kozue Uzawa. Includes links to Gusts, the tanka journal of tanka Tanka Canada, which she edits, plus pages of contributors' tanka.
  • Kujaku Poetry - The weblog of M. Kei, a Chesapeake poet. forms Personal, informative, and opinionated, with history and examples forms of various types of Japaniform poems, including haiku, forms senryu, choka, tanka, waka, kyoka, emphasizing mainly the forms latter three.
  • moonstarnine's palaces - A personal site of mainly 5-7-5-7-7 tanka and haiku and related haiku and related forms forms other poems.
  • Keibooks-Announce - Email list, to provide press releases and other information about forms poet and publisher M. Kei.
  • Yahoo Groups : Tanka - Gateway to a tanka discussion forum moderated by tanka Jane Reichhold.
  • American Tanka - A print journal devoted exclusively to the fast-growing genre of English-language tanka. The journal features sample poems from previous issues and an on-line submission form.
  • Modern English Tanka Press - Publishing English tanka, in both traditional and innovative tanka forms, in haiku and related forms books and two journals, Modern English tanka Tanka Journal and Atlas haiku and related forms Poetica. Also publishes articles, tanka essays, reviews, interviews, etc., related to haiku and related forms tanka. Edited tanka by Denis M. Garrison and Mi
  • Selected Tanka Bibliography - An extensive list of books on the subject, haiku and related haiku and related forms forms compiled and commented upon by William J. Higginson.

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