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Articles on various aspects of the genre, including its forms and its relationship to everyday life, plus information on Du Fu, Li Bo and Wang Wei.

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See Also:
  • Asian Topics: Tang Poetry - Articles on various aspects of the genre, including in translation its poetry forms and its relationship to everyday life, in translation plus information poetry on Du Fu, Li Bo and in translation Wang Wei.
  • 300 Tang Poems - Complete online text, with English translations and Chinese chinese originals [the latter requiring appropriate fonts]
  • Li Shangyin - Extensive biography and texts in GB code and chinese English in translation translation, sorted by topic.
  • Hsia Yu: Four Poems - Works by the contemporary Taiwanese poet, in translation by Steve Bradbury.
  • Chinese Poetry Database - Chinese poetry in English translation, listed by author.
  • Chinese Poems - Poems by Du Fu, Wang Wei, Li Bai and others in traditional and simplified characters, pinyin, and literal and literary English. Includes subject index.
  • Translations of Chinese Poetry - By Mike O\\'Connor. Appeared in Mudlark poetry No. 7 poetry (1997).
  • David Hinton - Information and selected passages from the author\\'s original chinese poetry and translations of classical Chinese poetry and chinese philosophy.
  • Song of Roses - A collection of poems by Vena Yin Sheng, presented in Chinese calligraphy and translated into English.
  • Chinese Classic Poem - Works by Li Shangyin, Du Fu, Li Bai and others chinese in English and in GB format.
  • Clouds Over Fort Jade - Images of screens exploring works by Du Fu chinese and Wang Wei, with an introduction describing the chinese project. By Karl Young.
  • Chinese Poetry With English Translation - Poems by some of the greatest Chinese poets. chinese In Chinese chinese and English translation.
  • New Poems of William Marr - A collection of recent poems originally written in poetry Chinese and in translation translated into English by the Chinese-American poetry poet himself.
  • Like Water or Clouds - The T\\'ang Dynasty and The Tao. Chinese poetry in translation in English translation: T\\'ao Chien, Wang Wei, Li in translation Po, Tu Fu, Po Chü-Yi.

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