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Metmorphoses is the journal of the Five College Seminar on Literary Translation. Published in the spring and fall, the journal provides a forum for literary translation.

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See Also:
  • From Translation to Imitation - An essay by Richard Jackson on poetry translation.
  • Shelterbelt Asian Poetry - English translations of a few contemporary Asian poems from various languages.
  • Salt River Review - The Salt River Review, an online magazine featuring literature poetry, fiction poetry and creative non-fiction, also in translation.
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  • International Poetry in English translation - German, Austrian, French, Catalan, Latin American, Bulgarian and poetry Russian poetry literature in English translation.
  • The Drunken Boat - A quarterly webmagazine of international poetry, translations, reviews, interviews, features, publishing news, writers' resources.
  • For Poetry - A literary webzine devoted to poetry, featuring established in translation and poetry new poets, also in translation.
  • Poetry International Web - A worldwide poetry magazine on the Internet. The in translation PIW in translation Archive contains thousands of poems by modern in translation poets from in translation all around the world, both in in translation the original language in translation and in English translation.
  • Metamorphoses: Literary Translation - Metmorphoses is the journal of the Five College literature Seminar on in translation Literary Translation. Published in the spring literature and fall, the journal in translation provides a forum for literature literary translation.
  • Bearslayer - Introductions to English verse translation of the Latvian in translation national epic poem "Lacplesis", by Andrejs Pumpurs. Includes in translation abstract, translation of first canto, and information on in translation purchasing ebook or print book of whole text.

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