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Collection of articles, excerpts, and chapters from many contemporary writers of and about critical theory, firmly based in Frankfurt School thought.

    Top: Arts: Literature: Reviews and Criticism: Theory

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  • Illuminations - Collection of articles, excerpts, and chapters from many contemporary writers theory of and about critical theory, firmly based in Frankfurt School theory thought.
  • Marxist Criticism - Course materials covering Marxist critics such as George Lukacs, Antonio Gramsci, Louis Althusser.
  • Literary Theory Explorations - The world of literary theory is an ever changing hot reviews and criticism bed of debate. Here it is explored in all reviews and criticism its facets, from semiotics, to classicism, surrealism, and post modernism.
  • Literature, Cognition, and the Brain - Research at the intersection of literary studies, cognitive theory, and reviews and criticism neuroscience
  • Voice of the Shuttle: Literary Theory - A directory of links to literary criticism and literature analysis on literature the Internet, mostly scholarly.
  • Criticism and Theory Resources - Resource page hosted by the University of Toronto. reviews and criticism literature Has an essay on the Postmodern by reviews and criticism literature Linda Hutcheon, a glossary of literary theory, Hazlitt\\'s reviews and criticism literature essays on the characters of Shakespeare\\'s plays, and reviews and criticism literature Leslie Stephen on George Eliot.
  • Literature and Ideology - An essay on the influence of Raymond Williams, literature Etienne Balibar theory and Pierre Macherey, and Terry Eagleton literature on postmodern critical theory.
  • Prose and Verse Criticism of Poetry - Large index of poetry criticism. Has annotated literature e-texts of reviews and criticism many classics. Part of the literature University of Toronto\'s English reviews and criticism Library.
  • The LitCrit ToolKit - Beginner\\'s guide to literary theory, demonstrating all the literature major schools of literary criticism by applying each literature to the beginning of Charlotte Brontë's Jane Eyre.
  • Glossary of Literary Theory - An index of brief explanations of critical terms. reviews and criticism Hosted by the University of Toronto.
  • Approaches to Reading and Interpretation - Overviews of the new criticism and formalism, traditional historicism, new historicism, reader-response criticism, psychoanalytical criticism, feminist literary criticism, structuralist criticism, and Marxist literary criticism.
  • Feminist Literary Criticism and Theory - Literary genres, specific historical periods, pedagogical issues, politics reviews and criticism and literature, and literary theory.
  • Introduction to Modern Literary Theory - An index with brief explanations and bibliographies.
  • Some Characteristics of Contemporary Theory - Brief review of some of the premises shared by a several theoretical approaches.
  • New Criticism - University project on this school of literary theory.
  • Sacred Ambivalence - Mimetology in Aristotle, Horace, and Longinus.

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