Narrative Theory Reviews and Criticism Literature

A review of `The Literary Mind' by Mark Turner, discussing that book's concern with the pervasive use of narrative in human cognition.

    Top: Arts: Literature: Reviews and Criticism: Theory: Narrative

  • Brains, Minds, and Texts - A review of `The Literary Mind\\' by Mark reviews and criticism Turner, discussing that book\\'s concern with the pervasive reviews and criticism use of narrative in human cognition.
  • NarrNet - Information network for narratologists: about seminars, research groups theory and their projects, a mailing list, bibliography, and theory links.
  • The Narrative Act: Wittgenstein and Narratology - In this article, Henry McDonald develops distinctions between reviews and criticism aspects of narrative, drawing on the work of reviews and criticism the later Wittgenstein.
  • Jahn, Manfred - Abstracts and articles on narratology and literature, including a guide theory to the theory of narrative.
  • Liquid Narrative - Research group which aims to create computational models and applications reviews and criticism of narrative interaction.
  • Necessary Lie: A Process of Mediated Memory - Master\\'s thesis by Jay Stern examining the flawed process of narrative as a medium for experience.
  • Image and Narrative - An academic e-journal on theory and criticism of narrative visual narrative.

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