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Theorist and author who is particularly known for her work on closure in hypertext fictions. Many of her publications are available here.

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  • Moulthrop, Stuart - Pioneer of hypertext theory and innovative creative hypertext hypertext and cybertext theory fiction author.
  • Harpold, Terry - Has written on the nature of links and personal pages of personal pages psychoanalytic approaches to hypertext. List of publications personal pages (few online), personal pages course web sites.
  • Luesebrink, Marjorie (also known as M. D. Coverley) - Hypertext theorist and author, whose site contains most theory of her fictional and theoretical work.
  • Bolter, Jay David - Author of two influential books in hypertext theory: Writing Space personal pages (1991) and Remediation (1998, with Richard Grusin). Publications and teaching personal pages syllabi.
  • Blustein, Jamie - Scholarly resources on hypertext, including advice for students), publications, bookmark index, personal information, non-scholarly resources, off-line activities, address.
  • Rosenberg, Jim - Hypertext theorist and author of spatial hypertext poems. personal pages Links personal pages to both theory and artistic work, and personal pages a bibliography personal pages of offline work.
  • Kirschenbaum, Matthew G. - Weblog and publications from a scholar of digital hypertext textuality, materiality theory and new media.
  • Kaplan, Nancy - Essays in hypertext and on hypertext as well theory as information on courses Kaplan teaches and links theory to sites that interest her.
  • Douglas, Jane - Theorist and author who is particularly known for theory her work on closure in hypertext fictions. Many theory of her publications are available here.
  • Joyce, Michael - The author of what may be the first personal pages hypertext personal pages fiction, Afternoon. Links to online fiction, to personal pages his publishers personal pages and his CV.
  • Greco, Diane - Greco has published hypertext fictions and theory, and personal pages has personal pages worked as a hypertext editor at Eastgate. personal pages Her weblog personal pages comments hypertext and related fields and personal pages has links to personal pages her other work.
  • Fagerjord, Anders - A Norwegian researcher specialising in hypertext, the web, personal pages convergence and multimedia. Description of his research, publications, personal pages weblog.
  • Bernstein, Mark - Developer of hypertext software (notably Storyspace and Tinderbox) personal pages and theory hypertext theorist, publisher and editor. Weblog, links personal pages to publications.
  • Cole, William - Has researched hypertext in relation to the Talmud. hypertext Includes a theory CV and list of publications.
  • Marshall, Cathy - Developer, theorist and hypertext fiction author whose research theory is in personal pages the fields of annotation, spatial hypertext theory and e-books. Several publications personal pages available here.
  • Snyder, Ilana - Hypertext, literacy and new media researcher. List of publications.
  • Walker, Jill - jill/txt is Jill Walker\\'s weblog or research diary theory about hypertext theory fiction, electronic texts, net art, net theory literature, MUDs and MOOs, theory computer games and cyberculture.
  • Picot, Edward - Articles about and criticism of hyperliterature and links to other related sites.
  • Gunder, Anna - A Swedish researcher completing a PhD which develops personal pages narratological theory to analyse hypertexts, with particular reference personal pages to Joyce\\'s afternoon. Some of her papers are personal pages online, in English and Swedish.
  • Deena Larsen's Hypertext and Electronic Literature Corner - General introduction, list of hypertexts categorized by the theory time needed personal pages to enjoy each one, recommended webzines, theory and Larsen\'s own hypertext personal pages fiction.
  • Johnson-Eilola, Johndan - Recent publications and conference presentations, course notes, weblog.

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