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Contains sites which are concerned with the short story literary form, including articles and essays on the short story form as well as story texts by classic and contemporary writers.

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See Also:
  • Short Stories Reflections of Two Worlds - Curriculum guide that exposes the ESL student to literature American writers, literature American short stories, and the English literature language, by Maria Pennacchio, literature from the Yale-New Haven literature Teachers Institute.
  • StoryBites - Provides reader based reviews of classic and modern literature short stories.
  • Annenberg Media Exhibits: Literature - Interactive exhibit that takes visitors on a literary short stories journey short stories through the classic short story.
  • Forming Connections and Awakening Visions - A guide to using short story collections in short stories the literature classroom, by Teri S. Lesesne.
  • Elements of the Short Story - Curriculum guide for middle and high schools, by short stories Kathleen Dinneen and Maryanne O\\'Connor, from the Yale-New short stories Haven Teachers Institute.
  • The Short Story: A Slice of Life - Materials and ideas for "issues of the family" and "issues of identity," by Jane K. Marshall, from the Yale-New Haven Teachers Institute.

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