Best Costume Design Recipients Academy Awards

This category is for designers who have won the Academy Award for Costume Design. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences presented the Award for the first time in 1948, judging black and white and color films separately as distinct categories. In 1957, the Academy combined the categories and presented only one award, only to distinguish between them again in 1959. In 1967 the Academy recombined the categories for the final time.Costumers who won multiple times will have multiple years next to their names. If the same year appears after more than one name, this indicates a collaborative effort and not a tie as there has been none in this category to date.The Academy Award winner for Best Costume Design in 2007 was Alexandra Byrne. The Acedemy Award winner for Best Costume Design in 2008 was Michael O'Connor. They currently do not have a category in Arts: Movies: Filmmaking: Makeup and Costumes: Costumers at this time.

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