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Contains forums open to discussions on topics ranging from upcoming film and DVD releases to favorite movies, actors and directors.

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  • Cinema Blend - Numerous forums on a variety of movie related movies topics such as news, reviews, writing, trivia, and movies games based on films.
  • Film Talk UK - Discussion group for people who are passionate about movies movies of any kind, including independent and world movies films.
  • Mobius' Home Video Forum - A moderated discussion forum for the discussion of chats and forums cinema and home video. Focuses on a variety chats and forums of genres, including independent, foreign, cult, science fiction, chats and forums horror, European cult cinema, and Asian cinema.
  • - Discuss popular movie franchises and upcoming DVD, game, arts and music movies release dates.
  • Cinephiliacs - Forum for discussion of new releases, favorite films, chats and forums chats and forums as well as actors and actresses.
  • Experimental Cinema - Forum about avant-garde animation and creatively different films.
  • MovieWeb: Forums - Message board for thing related to movies, dvds, movies rumors, and films based on comic books.
  • MovieJustice - Community with amateur movie and DVD reviews, news, movies and message boards.
  • The Movie Fan Forum - A message board for news, reviews, pictures, and gossip. Includes separate forums for movies, actors, actresses, and directors.
  • Movie Loons - A movie forum for all films, from new to old, chats and forums fantastic to average.
  • - Features discussions about upcoming and current movies in movies theaters.
  • Banadir24 Samali Movie Forum - Discussion forum for Samali movie fans
  • In The Machine - This message board features discussion of film, music and celebrity.
  • Rotten Tomatoes Forum - A film fans forum on general cinema subjects movies as well as film related DVDs, games, anime, movies and critical comments.
  • Talk Flicks - Discussion forum for movie fans.
  • JoBlo's Movie Discussion Board - Discuss upcoming films, DVDs, cult flicks, horror movies, chats and forums arts and top 10 lists.
  • eFilmForum - Community discussion for film and dvd collectors using chats and forums arts home theater big screen projection systems.
  • Zodcaps - Picture, video, and discussion forums regarding movie celebrities.
  • Cinematical - Online blogging and discussion focused on movies, celebrities, and entertainment.
  • - Allows visitors to shoot their mouths off about their favorite arts flicks.
  • Box Office Report Forums - Online discussion covering box office, current and classic films, the Oscar race and the current music charts.
  • Movie Compound Discussion Forums - Discussions on latest releases, movies to rent, news, chats and forums arts actors, DVD and home cinema, soundtracks and trivia.
  • Movies Forum - Message board with forums for movie enthusiasts and filmmakers alike. chats and forums Registration is not required to post.
  • Empire Movies: Forums - Contains forums open to discussions on topics ranging from upcoming film and DVD releases to favorite movies, actors and directors.

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