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Free speech forums including music, sex, politics, news, poetry, marijuana, psychedelics, gay, health, fashion, crafts, hippies, free classifieds and personals.

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  • Talk About Network - A family of websites on a variety of message boards topics including topics such as pets, photography, pro message boards football, programming, recovery, religion, romance, and satellite TV.
  • The Conversation Cafe - A general forum for intelligent discussion, hot debates, on the web on the web creative writing, support forums or fun and games.
  • Digital Kaos - Focuses on Dreambox, a GNU/Linux-powered DVB satellite, terrestrial on the web and cable digital television decoder. Also has forums on the web for games consoles, mobile phones, and PC help.
  • Salon Table Talk - Topics include books, work life, imagination, home and garden, music, movies, private life, the Whitehouse and writing.
  • Gia's Place - General discussion at the wicked lair with topics including game threads, life, opinions, entertainment and romance.[Membership by review.]
  • Forum Garden - A general forum to discuss news, politics, arts or religion. internet Also includes regional forums.
  • ForumClick - Discussion forum for politics, media, conspiracy theories, editorials. Includes message boards lighter topics such as humor and sports.
  • All Forums Network - Topics include current events, sports, humor, and technology.
  • Alien Soup - Diverse forum community. Get help with games, chat, laugh, internet gripe and debate.
  • Tilted Forum Project - An evolving community of thousands of mature adults. message boards message boards Discussion of sexuality, politics, interests, art, and message boards photography.
  • - General chat forum featuring both a serious discussion area and message boards a section with a more laid back atmosphere.
  • Total Twaddle - Friendly, general chat forum with member map, calendar internet and board statistics. Includes sub-boards for freebies, internet pictures and blogs.
  • The Cellar - Topics include politics, current events, technology, entertainment.
  • Forums HQ - Multi-topic forum including general chat, jokes, sports, cars, bikes, computing, message boards graphics, music, movies and life issues.
  • Blah Forums - Topics range from computers and Internet, sports, current on the web message boards events, politics and jokes. Friendly community.
  • Hollywood Forums - Topics include film, music, television, politics, astrology, and message boards general on the web chat.
  • Adobe Village - A general discussion forum with a variety of message boards content.
  • Frappy Doo - Discussion forums covering sports, entertainment, relationships, computers, and message boards money matters.
  • 2 Dark Park - Forum topics include general chat, games, pictures, polls, internet society and on the web politics. User journals, links and internet propaganda.
  • BBC Messageboards - Communicate your views nationally and locally through BBCi on the web internet message boards with hundreds of topics to choose on the web internet from including music, entertainment and science.
  • AtForumz - General interest message boards, with a specific focus message boards on on the web entertainment, music, and political debate.
  • - General interest message boards with discussion covering a internet very broad internet range of everyday topics.
  • Chatbites - International forum where people are invited to voice internet their opinions on any subject. Users may post internet poems and pictures, or participate in political and internet religious discussions.
  • AllTopix - Provides online forums and a chat room. Also hosts the internet official Jacob Smith chat
  • Live Love Chat - General discussions about life, relationships, movies, music.
  • The Mantel - A Virtual Water Cooler - Diverse selection of topics including relationships, gardening, philosophy, message boards fitness internet and technical issues.
  • Hip Forums - Free speech forums including music, sex, politics, news, poetry, marijuana, message boards psychedelics, gay, health, fashion, crafts, hippies, free classifieds and personals.
  • INReview - General discussion forum featuring sub-boards of recent newsworthy on the web internet topics from world issues to entertainment.
  • Discuss Anything - Off-Topic message board with subforums dedicated to society, debate, news, message boards arts or spirituality.
  • Just Us - Just nosiness, rants, fun and games.
  • - Message boards for venting anger and annoyance about internet a variety message boards of topics.
  • NZ Boards - Off-topic community, with specific areas dedicated to discussing internet lifestyle and entertainment.
  • The End of the Internet - TEOTI is a content forum community with peer internet review and comment capabilities. Registered users submit content internet that is subject to a scoring system by internet other users.
  • Reality-Check - An online discussion forum that offers people a message boards place on the web on the web to entertain themselves and message boards speak their on the web mind. We welcome users from all message boards over the globe.
  • Urban75 Forums - Message board with discussions covering urban issues such as politics, entertainment, drugs, sports and the media in large cities around the world.
  • - Off topic message board available to everyone which internet includes a photo gallery, email, and private messages.
  • Frost Jedi - A board for the bored, or for the curious, the internet artists, the debaters, and the gamers. Includes a roleplaying section.
  • 3GNmedia - Discussions on music, mixing, movies, games and lifestyles.
  • Stress Bank Forum - Discuss life, deposit stress, and have fun. Share on the web message boards passions, pain and pet peeves. Find humor, play on the web message boards games and laugh. Submit creative writing and art, on the web message boards or get help, support, and advice.
  • Big Boards - Directory tracking the largest message boards and forums on the web message boards on the web.
  • - Eclectic individuals share their intellectually stimulating ideas, creativity, opinions and internet wit.
  • - Advice and information sharing community for young people.
  • Flashback Underground Forum - Underground discussion forum.
  • - Browse message boards on many topics and consult internet over one-thousand members who are ready to answer internet burning questions.
  • Forums at - General chat forum with emphasis on IT topics such as hardware, software, internet, multimedia, security, technical and general news.
  • AfterHours Forum - Both intelligent and irreverent discussions on a variety of subjects.
  • The Wind - General discussion board where all subjects are welcome.
  • Rant N Rave - Uncensored posts on current events and personal rants.
  • Eternal Allegiance - Forum including a wide range of topics such as music, sports, art, life and relationships.
  • Banned From Life Forums - Chat about everything and nothing in particular on message boards topics such as arts, news and computers.
  • The Geek Forum - General chat with sub-boards for computers and technology, on the web politics, and celebrities.

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