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Participate in discussions about relationships, hobbies, business, technology, health and other topics. Socialize with friends, or start your own chat group.

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  • WireClub - Personal and group blogs tied in with many other social networking features. Geared to meeting people through shared interests. Free site.
  • Whyville - A virtual 3-D world for curious minds where online communities you can own land, build your own house, online communities play simulation games, win prizes, chat, and help online communities the community grow.
  • - Provides members a free message board on many subjects, free chat services, free homepages and free online games.
  • Spammers Paradise - General discussion. Has forum, store, calendar, and member directory.
  • OpenGaia - Browse through profiles, personals, shared interests, experiences and on the web online communities ideas, polls, creations, job search. Participate, share, meet on the web online communities people.
  • Kancof: Greatness Among Nations - From philosophy to world news to politics to internet religion to on the web sports to fitness to weapons.
  • YABA - Chat room based social networking community.
  • NowTalking - Read and write diaries, send mail to other online communities members, online communities and exchange messages in guestbooks.
  • BusinessWeek: Internet Communities - Surfers are losing interest on website content and on the web internet want now to settle in online communities.
  • Flamingcube - Offer image gallery hosting, webmail, albums, polls, and on the web on the web forums.
  • - Meefo is a place where anyone is accepted. Features news, reviews, gallery, chat and random banter.
  • Wanderlist - User-contributed, user-evaluated lists of notes including lots of internet links.
  • - Provides chat rooms, communities, forums, instant messaging, detailed online communities photo on the web profiles, photo galleries, and photo ratings. Search online communities members by on the web age, sex, location, and interests.
  • Talk City - Participate in discussions about relationships, hobbies, business, technology, online communities health internet and other topics. Socialize with friends, or online communities start your internet own chat group.
  • Habbo - Online community for teens and roleplaying. [Shockwave required]
  • Rogues Tavern Online Community - Online community of international rogues, scoundrels and rascals. online communities Offering chat, message board, graffiti and a online communities scrapbook.
  • - Provides free news, profiles, e-mail, homepage, chat, and forums.
  • The Lost Diner - Focused on the abandoned, forgotten, mysterious, and unexplained. online communities Has on the web forums, chat rooms, and message board. online communities Share stories, on the web photos, maps, conversation, links, and ideas.
  • Buzznet - Users can create communities and share blogs and internet photographs.
  • Sciforums - Forum discussions cover world events, science, religion, philosophy, online communities and on the web technology.
  • Flork - Worldwide community of interesting people. Find new friends internet easily by 'florking around.'
  • The Cult - A worldwide organization of mostly high school and online communities college on the web students - a unique collection of ideas online communities and services.
  • Foundmyself - An online art community with numerous features, including on the web on the web personal art galleries, forums, contests, the ability to on the web on the web sell art commission.
  • The Pork - Members can access chat rooms, discussion boards, personals, and instant messaging.
  • The Spoke - Microsoft\\'s digital lifestyle club for students from around online communities the internet world, with message boards, hubs, blogs and online communities 10 MB internet of upload space for members.
  • - Ask questions, and discuss jokes, movies and trivia.
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