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A comic strip made by internet chatters, for internet chatters, using an internet chat program (MS "Comic" Chat). Unintended social commentary on cyber-living.

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See Also:
  • Planet X - A participatory self-adaptive website, where the content is society contributed by cyberculture its users. Where science fact meets society science fiction.
  • CyberPunk - A LiveJournal community. Rivet boys and rivet girls rant and moan about technology, music, conspiracies, art, and design.
  • Cyberspace - Contains various links to topics related to cyberspace.
  • Small Pieces Loosely Joined - Official site of the book by David Weinberger. subcultures Includes the entire text of selected chapters, and subcultures reviews.
  • Unreal Enterprises - Place where the real and the virtual meet.
  • The Lost Library of MOO - Reconstructed version of the old MOO/MU* document library.
  • News: Lazy Guide to Net Culture - Weekly column on Internet fads, tools, and trends.
  • Newgrounds - The problems of the future today and flash portal. Club subcultures a Seal, Telebubby Fun Land and Pico.
  • K10k - A matrix architect's information designer lunchbox.
  • Anachron City: Library: CyberCulture - Cyberculture books, references to social reports, and comics.
  • Need To Know - Britain's most sarcastic high-tech weekly newsletter.
  • Identity and Gender in Cyberspace - The Synthetic Environment is used to describe a setting where subcultures any electronic cue to the persons identity is entirely under subcultures their own control.
  • Edge - Promotes inquiry into and discussion of intellectual, philosophical, society artistic, and society literary issues, and works for the society intellectual and social achievement society of society.
  • The Internet: Behavioral and Other Impacts - Study about how Internet/online impacts the lives of users -- subcultures Encompasses marriages, family, friendships, health, predators, cybersex, online romance and subcultures Internet addictions -- based on a survey by AOL.
  • Contact Consortium - The first global organization focused on inhabited virtual cyberculture spaces on subcultures the Internet. These spaces are shared cyberculture in real time by subcultures thousands of users and cyberculture represent a new frontier in the subcultures experience of cyberculture cyberspace.
  • e-vangelism - Teach uses of the Internet for Christian evangelism.
  • Net Culture - Information on online communities, personal pages, information on hackers and cyber-liberties, and examination the nature of online life and identity.
  • The WELL - Online community known for engaging conversation and intelligent cyberculture debate. Features more than 260 conferences ranging cyberculture from technical and specific to abstract and surreal.
  • Faces Assembly Line - Experimental project utilizing images of internet users. [French and English]
  • Barry Wellman - Research by Barry Wellman and associates into social subcultures networks, social society support, virtual community, computer networks as subcultures social networks
  • Electronic Literature Directory - A comprehensive database of listings for electronic works, their authors, and their publishers.
  • Ellis in Wonderland - Japanese cyber-doll net-idol girl\'s site. [In Japanese and subcultures English]
  • The Virtual Community - Online version of Howard Rheingold's book.
  • Jerkcity - A comic strip made by internet chatters, for society internet chatters, society using an internet chat program (MS society "Comic" Chat). Unintended society social commentary on cyber-living.
  • Pop! Tech - Annual conference held in Camden, Maine. Explore Internet subcultures popular culture, privacy issues, and online ethics.
  • The Dog Museum - Research site that is primarily concerned with how humor and society humanity are conveyed online.
  • HoleWorld - Guide to the True Underground.
  • Iron Feather Journal #17 - Started in 1987 as a hacker magazine, it cyberculture has now grown to include all aspects of cyberculture cyberpunk culture, music, contacts, reviews, and interviews.
  • The Psychology of Cyberspace - An evolving conceptual framework for understanding the various subcultures psychological components subcultures of cyberspace and how people react subcultures to and behave within subcultures it.
  • Codine - Cyberpunk culture and digital music.
  • Finley's Articles - A collection of articles by Michael Finley and cyberculture others on cyberculture cyberspace and cyberculture.
  • Big Fat Site - Articles, reviews, fandom columns and other opinion writing. Archives include information on some video games and e-business.
  • Gumey - Random art, animation, and site news.
  • Economic TeleDevelopment Forum - Dialogue and collaboration with leaders of other communities society that are cyberculture embracing the concept of smart cities society or smart communities.
  • The Internet Society - Editorial columns, links, and discussions about the Internet\\'s subcultures effects on different aspects of society.
  • iStuff - A container for the digital stuff of internet culture.
  • Smart Mobs: The Next Social Revolution - A website and weblog about topics and issues cyberculture discussed in subcultures Howard Rheingold\'s book Smart Mobs: The cyberculture Next Social Revolution.
  • KMFMS - Kein Mitleid Für MicroSoft - A website devoted to Microsoft's downfall.
  • - Humorous articles and discussions on the daily basis.
  • MkzdK 4.2 - Uses creative web arts to look at the cyberculture Cosmos and subcultures new cosmologies, Gaia and gaian science, cyberculture the Earth adventure and subcultures the life of the cyberculture spirit.
  • Electronic Frontier Foundation: Net.Culture Archives - Cyberculture, history, and related papers.
  • The Indie Web Manifesto - Respects the individuals, their intelligence and their privacy; society it\'s an society open forum for thoughts and debate.
  • - Weird, wired, and wonderful links selected by a cyberculture group of society contributors.
  • Temple Ov Hombres - Multiply concatinated cultural output node. Includes hombre profiles, cartoons, and drink recipes.
  • Slackers Domain - A place for people who love to do society nothing.
  • Cyberbuss - Cyberculture project that brings a virtual community of cyber freaks from 17+ different countries into the same existence. The silvery buss travels over land and through cyberspace posting virtual trips online recreating their reality and immortalizing th

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