Community Building Activism Society

Online version the nation's oldest continually-published housing and community development magazine. A primary forum for organizers, activists, and advocates in the affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization movements.

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See Also:
  • National Park Service - Civic Engagement - US agency offers resources and case studies for society using historic sites as venues for civic dialogue society on sensitive topics, along with calendar of events.
  • Shelterforce Online - Online version the nation\\'s oldest continually-published housing and community development community building magazine. A primary forum for organizers, activists, and advocates in community building the affordable housing and neighborhood revitalization movements.
  • Global Citizens Circle - Sponsors town meeting-style discussions led by a diverse community of world dignitaries, which focus on current global issues, with a goal of constructive change. Describes organizations history, with details of past program topics and leaders.
  • Community Building Institute (CBI) - Founded to help communities improve the way they conduct public community building business to be more inclusive, more collaborative, and more effective. community building Based in Annandale, Virginia.
  • Asset-Based Community Development Institute - ABCD spreads its findings on capacity-building community development community building through interactions with community builders, and by producing community building practical resources and tools for community builders to community building identify, nurture, and mobilize neighborhood assets.
  • A Librarian At Every Table - A resource to demonstrate the value of librarianship community building in the community building movement.
  • The Citizen's Handbook - Community organizing handbook designed for use in urban society settings. Created activism by Vancouver, B.C. group.
  • Tom Wolff and Associates - US-based consultant offers services in collaboration-building and community planning. Provides activism overview of experience and philosophy, with client list, resource links, activism and description of areas of work.
  • The World Cafe - This process for leading collaborative dialogue and knowledge-sharing, particularly for activism larger groups, is described, with a bibliography and resources for activism implementation.
  • Community Organizing as Practiced in the United States - This academic-style article characterizes community organizing in the US, describes community building the author\\'s work in Jacksonville, Florida, and offers some general community building instruction for organizers. [English/German]
  • The Association for the Study and Development of Community (ASDC) - A US-based research and development organization for community community building capacity building and social problem solving. They describe community building their methodologies, list recent clients, and provide research community building publications.
  • Community Consultation: Best Practice - Annotated listing of best practice community consultation, society consumer participation, community development and qualitative analysis tools, society practices and theories.
  • Community Development Exchange (CDX) - The UK-wide community development membership organisation. Works to community building bring society about social justice and equality by sharing community building information, experience society and practice, and by representing the community building community development field society in policy work.
  • National Community Development Institute - Provides customized capacity-building services to promote community-building and social transformation community building in diverse low-income communities.
  • National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation - Organizations and individuals committed to strengthening and uniting the growing activism dialogue and deliberation field.
  • Ontario Project for Inter-Clinic Community Organizing (OPICCO) - Provides community organizations and community legal clinics in Ontario with tools (information and guidance) for organizing.
  • The Community Organizing Toolbox - A guide to community organizing, with an explanation activism of the society basics, issues, case studies, and resources.
  • Berkana Institute - This US-based nonprofit promotes "leadership development" projects based on community community building conversations on issues of interest. They provide much high-level discussion community building of their methodology.
  • Streets Alive - Bristol, England-based group that promotes car-free street events. They provide a detailed guide for a successful neighborhood street party, with photos, anecdotes, and discussion of community development.
  • Common Focus - A nonprofit organization dedicated to providing resources for community building activism and creative citizen dialogue and engagement.
  • A Case Study of Electronic Community Building in a Freshman Dorm - Study of how Stanford college students living together activism use and society perceive electronic communication as a tool activism for critical dialogue and society community building.
  • Conversation Cafe - Includes the background of this structured form of conversation, with activism a list of existing cafe groups, and information and resources activism about how to start a new one.

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