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What does it mean to be political these days? Young citizens tell their stories of using the media to inform themselves and get involved in politics.

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See Also:
  • Life History & Media Project - What does it mean to be political these activism days? Young activism citizens tell their stories of using activism the media to inform activism themselves and get involved activism in politics.
  • The Village Voice: Tech Wars in Meat Space by Erik Baard - Article on new less-lethal weapons police are looking at using to control protests, and new high tech devices being used by protesters.
  • Associations Unorthodox - All about unconventional, unrestrained and unrepentant society strategic thinking on the future of associations and society the association community.
  • Celebrate Capitalism - Campaign to show public support and protest in favor of society capitalism. Information about rallies and street parties as well as society past events.
  • Anti-Telemarketing EGBG Counterscript - A diagram of questions you can use to give telemarketers a taste of their own medicine.
  • Essential Information - A non-profit organization founded by Ralph Nader which society encourages citizens activism to become active and engaged in society their communities. Site links activism to opinion articles on society current issues.
  • - Provides collaborative competitions, solutions and resources needed to society help everyone society become a changemaker, and explores the society fundamental principles of successful society social innovation around the society world.
  • Latino Education Network Service - Produces and distributes information about Latino and Latina history, including history of Latino activism, in the United States.

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