Community Sustainability

Connects citizens with resources to implement innovative processes and programs to restore the economic, environmental, and social health and vitality of their communities.

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Sustainability Ltd.* - An award-winning strategic management consultancy and think-tank. Founded in 1987, Sustainability Ltd. is the longest established international consultancy dedicated to promoting the business case for sustainable development. The three main areas of ope

  • Criterion Planners/Engineers - Criterion is an urban planning firm specializing in sustainability sustainable community development.
  • Environment Canada's Green Lane/Environnement Canada - Canadian government entity\\'s vision is to see a Canada where community sustainability people make responsible decisions about the environment; and where the community sustainability environment is thereby sustained for the benefit of present and community sustainability future generations.
  • Chelsea Green's Books for Sustainable Living - Chelsea Green publishes information to help design future sustainability lives where human activities of production and consumption sustainability are balanced in harmony with the natural state sustainability of the world.
  • Ecosystems - South African consultants and advisors in the field community sustainability of environment sustainable community and rural development describe their community sustainability capabilities and environment discuss topics such as permaculture and community sustainability handling issues of environment rapid urbanization through waste management, community sustainability recycling, and incin
  • U.S. EPA: Green Communities - The Green Communities Assistance Kit that you will sustainability find here environment is packaged as a step-by-step guide sustainability for planning and implementing environment sustainable actions. Each of sustainability the five steps results in a environment specific outcome.
  • Smart Growth Network - Searchable databases of information resources on smart growth community sustainability case studies, smart building design, smart development design community sustainability and zoning, brownfields redevelopment and eco-industrial parks; and community sustainability related topics.
  • Sustainable Cities Research Institute - Aims to improve the quality of life of environment urban communities environment through developing and promoting sustainable approaches environment to urban living.
  • Groundwork Wales - Promotes sustainable communities through joint environmental action. sustainability Includes information sustainability on community involvement projects and efforts sustainability to reclaim old industrial sustainability and mining sites.
  • Center for Neighborhood Technology (Chicago) - Creative strategies for making cities and their surrounding areas work for everyone, environmentally and economically.
  • Center for Economic and Environmental Development - Describes several projects to support sustainable development and sustainability improve community sustainability and regional leaders` understanding of how sustainability economic and environmental decisions sustainability can work hand in sustainability hand to bring a new vitality sustainability to Northwest sustainability Pennsylvania.
  • Sustainable Environment for Quality of Life - An integrated environmental initiative for the 15-county metropolitan Charlotte region environment in North and South Carolina. Promotes issues on air quality, environment sustainable growth and water resources.
  • Indicators of Sustainability - develops indicators that measure progress toward a sustainable environment economy,society and community sustainability environment.
  • Livable Cities for the 21st Century - The Priorities Institute examines alternative community designs, carfree community sustainability cities, environment cohousing, recycling pantries, and other concepts and community sustainability technologies to environment promote environmentally sustainable community life.
  • Local community sustainability indicators - Some new local community sustainability indicators developed in Australia. sustainability This site provides a new methodology for indicators that sustain sustainability and develop our community and that we can all count, sustainability measure and check them for ourselves.
  • Books by Jane Holtz Kay - Book summaries and articles concerning urban affairs, planning, transportation, and coping with pollution, sprawl, and other environmental challenges. Includes "Asphalt Nation: How the Automobile Took Over America and How We Can Take It Back."
  • International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) - International clearinghouse on sustainable development and environmental protection community sustainability policies, community sustainability programs, and techniques being implemented at the community sustainability local level community sustainability by local institutions. Resources and links community sustainability on Local Agenda community sustainability 21, Green Fleets, environmental budgetin
  • James Taylor Chair in Landscape and Liveable Environments - A series of urban, community design events and university of community sustainability british columbia-based research projects providing a number of potential solutions community sustainability to the problems spawned by non-sustainable urban/suburban growth.
  • EcoGateway - EcoIQ magazine and links to a large collection environment of Internet resources related to sustainable communities.
  • ICLEI: Electronic tools for a sustainable community. - One stop guide for U.S. Local Governments. Enhance environment the Sustainability environment of Your Community Through: Environmental environment Protection; Economic Vitality; environment and Community Well-Being.
  • The HomeTown Advantage - Book published by The Institute for Local Self-Reliance, sustainability provides strategies community sustainability for reviving independent businesses and Main sustainability Streets.
  • City Repair Project (The) - Citizen activists educating and inspiring people to build a more environment community-oriented and ecologically sustainable society. (Portland, Oregon)
  • Linking Sustainable Community Activities to Pollution Prevention: A Sourcebook - Online report of RAND study (1997). Includes case environment studies and environment extensive bibliography.
  • Green Map System - Project to promote healthy cities and sustainable communities sustainability by developing environment maps to chart the sites of sustainability environmental significance in urban environment places around the world. sustainability Includes examples.
  • Ecocity of Malmö - Describes the transformation of Malmö, Sweden, into sustainability, including details of building design and about management of traffic, rainwater, and waste.
  • Smart Communities Network - Resources on the concept of sustainable development, including overview articles, slide shows, links, recommended books and videos, and educational materials and programs that can help communities in their sustainable development efforts.
  • Streetfilms - Offers news and short videos that promote people-friendly urban design.
  • Sustainable Communities Network - Connects citizens with resources to implement innovative processes and programs to restore the economic, environmental, and social health and vitality of their communities.
  • Urban Environmental Management - Output of the Urban Environmental Management Research Initiative community sustainability (UEMRI), a grouping of urban planning researchers from community sustainability around the world. Looks at urban areas as community sustainability the intersection of natural, built, and socio-economic environments.
  • Guide to Implementing Local Environmental Action Plans in Central and Eastern Europe - Explores planning process for community sustainability, including how environment to assess sustainability environmental issues and set environmental priorities; environment as well as how sustainability to implement selected actions environment and monitor and evaluate results.
  • Five E's Unlimited - Consulting firm that specializes in environmental sustainability, strengthened sustainability economies, and social equity, Based in Virginia.
  • Cities Environment Reports on the Internet - An UN initiative, and part of UNEP. A community sustainability program sustainability to facilitate easy access to environmental information community sustainability for sound sustainability decision-making and general awareness-raising in cities.
  • The Sustainability Report - Provides Canada\\'s first independent assessment of living in balance for community sustainability the long term to help Canadians understand if current lifestyle community sustainability and development choices are improving or threatening prospects for a community sustainability healthy and successful society.
  • Ecosustainable Hub - Provides a team of international and Australian professionals community sustainability committed sustainability towards a common goal of facilitating, developing community sustainability and servicing sustainability sustainability. Also provides a Search engine community sustainability for Sustainability using sustainability popular portals.
  • Community Sustainability: A Comprehensive Urban Regenerative Process - Washington State University\\'s School of Architecture web site explores some interactive design-planning topics and presents a proposal for Pullman, Washington, USA.
  • Village Habitat Design - Village Habitat Design, LLC is an award-winning architecture environment and planning community sustainability firm with a 30 year family environment history of conservation design.
  • International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development - ICIMOD is committed to economically and environmentally sound sustainability mountain development and improving the living standards of sustainability mountain communities in the Hindu Kush-Himalayas.

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