Second Life Multi-User Systems Virtual Reality

Official website. Provides an online society within a 3D world, where users can explore, build, socialize and participate in their own economy.

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Second Life Grid* - Describing the technology platform that underlies the virtual world, intended for corporate uses.
Second Life* - Official website. Provides an online society within a 3D world, where users can explore, build, socialize and participate in their own economy.

  • My Freels - Offers 8 ways to make money in the game.
  • Wikipedia: Second Life - Includes technical information, history and explanations about how the game functions.
  • Jadis Estates - Information and links pertaining to land sales, rentals, virtual reality and terrain for the game.
  • Bacobolo - Offers to sell linden dollars. Funds delivered in multi-user systems game multi-user systems within 8 hours.
  • METAbolt - A non-graphical metaverse (3D virtual world ) viewer. second life It multi-user systems is cross grid which means that it second life can be multi-user systems used in the game as well second life as any other multi-user systems grid based on OpenSIM.
  • Second Life Cable Network - Virtual television delivering video clips of live events that occurred second life in-world.
  • TinySL - Offers to compress slurls into short web addresses.
  • SLTweets - Enables researchers to add notes to places in virtual reality the game and share them with others users.
  • SLurl - Offers to create direct links to any place multi-user systems in the game.
  • Sculptypaint - Free download of software to create sculpted prims. virtual reality Offers second life tutorials.
  • The Seventh Sun - Monthly paper providing coverage of issues, technologies, and culture.
  • Avimator - Offers an open source tool to create and edit avatar animations.
  • B.Places - Offers to vote for favorite places in the multi-user systems game. virtual reality Provides SLurls towards these places and HUDs multi-user systems to travel virtual reality between b.places.
  • Second Life Herald - Presents the game's events, news and author's tips.
  • Open Metaverse - Provides an open source server simulator. [Pre-alpha]
  • Second Life Project - Provides a collection of tools to build and manage projects multi-user systems in the game.
  • Linden Lab - Game's editor. Presentation and news.
  • Apez - Sells Second Life products, financial services, leasing, and virtual reality banking second life services, all related to Second Life residents.
  • Xstreet SL - The commerce platform includes an online market for second life resident second life created products and a Linden Dollar currency second life exchange.
  • Prim Perfect - Web magazine and weblog focusing on design of multi-user systems homes, multi-user systems furniture, gardens and landscapes.
  • Apolon Online - Motorized creation in Second Life. Lists slurls, links, multi-user systems and support pertaining to products.
  • Linden Blog - Includes news and tips for the game.
  • sl2go - Provides a directory of places including pictures, descriptions and direct links.
  • SLProfiles - Second Life online community for all residents. Provides virtual reality help, virtual reality blogs, forums, and product listings. A place virtual reality to meet virtual reality and establish online friendships and associations.
  • ShinyLife - Offers tutorials, free tools, artist exhibits, videos and events in second life Second Life.
  • Endemol Virtual - Consultants offering concept development and realization in virtual worlds, mirror multi-user systems worlds and augmented reality.
  • Second Life Videos - Provides a directory of movies shot in the game or virtual reality about it.
  • My Second Life - Provides a list of locations to see.
  • Phasing Grace - Includes perspectives on the trends, culture, technology and user experience second life within the game.
  • OnRez - Online market for resident created products. Offers free virtual reality Second virtual reality Life viewer, free product listing, forum, and virtual reality blog.
  • - Offers marketing surveys to earn Linden dollars.

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