Multi-User Systems Virtual Reality Computers

A software infrastructure for distributed object-oriented programming. The primary application for VOS is a multiuser virtual environment run by many interconnected clients.

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See Also:
  • - A portal to various VRML worlds, with multiuser chatting via multi-user systems VNet+. Free to use and to add your own worlds. multi-user systems Works best with IE and Blaxxun Contact.
  • DigitalSpace Corporation - Software and world development company. Also home to Traveler online computers community.
  • Moove - 3D chat world. Customizable avatars with facial expression. Users can chat, build and furnish a house, listen to music, share files. Can be integrated with external tools.
  • Planet Virtuel - 3D VR community with avatar based chat. Design computers and create your own home and surroundings.
  • AtmoWire - Adobe Atmosphere tutorials, resources, directory, reviews, and news.
  • Chicago3D.Net - A hosting reseller for Activeworlds, Inc. since 1998.
  • Alterlinks - Active Worlds resource for visiting or creating your virtual reality own virtual reality virtual world: hosting, textures, 3D objects, avatars, virtual reality skyboxes, tutorials.
  • The world of Ancient Mayas in virtual reality - 3D reconstruction of the Mayan Cities,using VRML or computers Adobe Atmosphere virtual reality browser.
  • VRSpace - An open source (gpl) virtual reality cross-platform 3D virtual reality community software.
  • Activeworlds - 3D virtual reality chat plugin software and servers. Design worlds, multi-user systems chat with friends, play games.
  • Cybertown - A popular and long-running web-based multiuser world, using multi-user systems VRML virtual reality and Blaxxun browser software. Chat, and use multi-user systems objects.
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  • Ziekerdanziek's 3D Help Guide - Resources for building and visiting online 3D communities.
  • Travelers Network - Travelers Network offers free voice chat in 3D multi-user systems virtual worlds.
  • 3D Chat Virtual Universe - People can meet, interact with each other, build multi-user systems houses and whole worlds within a three-dimensional space.
  • 3D-4u2 multi-user VR solutions - 3D-4u2 offers multiuser 3D and virtual reality technology virtual reality on multi-user systems the internet that seemlessly integrates most current virtual reality technologies, ranging multi-user systems from live video to 3D animations virtual reality and allows users multi-user systems to build themselves.
  • Virtual Worlds Review - A guide to online virtual worlds with a multi-user systems focus virtual reality on social interaction. Basic info, visitor ratings, multi-user systems reviews and virtual reality helpful links for each program.
  • Virtual Object System / Internet Virtual Reality - A software infrastructure for distributed object-oriented programming. The primary application for VOS is a multiuser virtual environment run by many interconnected clients.
  • Dive - An Internet-based distributed multi-user VR system, developed by researchers at multi-user systems the Swedish Institute of Computer Science since 1991.
  • AW Europe - An official distributor of Activeworlds technology in Europe multi-user systems with computers 3D environments for both business and home multi-user systems use.
  • Unknown Galaxy - An Active Worlds based system where you can virtual reality build virtual reality structures, play games, or chat with friends. virtual reality Also offers virtual reality world hosting for a fee.

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