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Offers to establish presence to companies and individuals in the game. Sells custom products for Second Life to assist residents in creating an individualized online presence.

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See Also:
  • Yggdrasill Designs - Boots, jewelry, accessories and erotic furniture, all created for use second life in the game.
  • Blue Fusion - Jazz club. Promote artists and music in the multi-user systems game.
  • Citrus Virtual Ltd - Virtual world design and creation consultancy with a second life focus second life on architectural design and educational systems.
  • Isle of Wyrms - Offers to adopt a dragon and follow it from the companies birth to the grown age.
  • Elvis Orbit Virtual Reality Entertainment - Provides information on Club Victoria & Plaza, Inochi Island, Inochi Island South, Virtual Land rentals and sales.
  • Vstex - Offers scripting and stock exchange services.
  • Nb Horizons - Offers a service to businesses and organisations that wish to create a corporate presence within the game.
  • PondLife - Offers home and garden products for use in companies world. Links provided for online sales.
  • OPC21 Gadgets - Provides information about available 3D products and dance systems for the game.
  • TeleLinden Cash Service - Offers method of purchasing Linden dollars by phone.
  • Meme Science LLC - Development firm that provides metaverse building and scripting services and metaverse statistics with an emphasis in the Second Life Platform.
  • Luna Bliss - Offers design and sim building services. Information, projects and contact.
  • Verballis Translation Services - Offers a translation service within the game.
  • Advanced Virtual - Provides strategic consulting and practical resources to corporate and academic second life clients setting up a presence in the game.
  • TheSLAgency - Offers in-world brand marketing and event planning services. second life Includes companies services, portfolio, and press.
  • Marly Tomsen - Offers land for sale or rent in the multi-user systems game.
  • Club Alohas - Offers apartments, house and shop rental on Hawaiian style island in the game.
  • First Meta - Virtual charge card for use in-world. Blog, promotions, companies merchant area, and job listings.
  • The Electric Sheep Company - Full service development company for a range of multi-user systems metaverse environments. Operates OnRez, a virtual shopping platform.
  • Phillip Stonewall - Escort and architect. Presentation of its realizations.
  • - Site to buy and sell Linden, find jobs, multi-user systems shop, buy/rent land, and find great entertainment in multi-user systems the game.
  • ASID Media Design - Consulting service offering assistance to establish in world second life presence.
  • Extropia - An online portal for Extropia, a forward-looking and second life futuristic community.
  • Subscribe O Matic - Provides an alternative to advertising with in-world group second life notices.
  • Juicy Bomb - Product links to store-fronts for women\\'s clothing for the game. second life Provides sections for comments and tutorials.
  • Second Life Pulse - A press and news release service for the residents of second life the game offering instant posting.
  • Reuters - Company portal. Offers news, videos about first and second life second companies life news and statistics from their island.
  • Devonshire Designz - Offers to establish presence to companies and individuals companies in the companies game. Sells custom products for Second companies Life to assist residents companies in creating an individualized companies online presence.
  • Trade Lindens - Offers to buy and sell linden dollars. Funds companies delivered in game within 15 minutes.
  • Second Life Shirts - Offer free clothing fabrics, shirts, and clothing tutorials companies for the multi-user systems game.

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