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Exploring new possibilities for Virtual Reality on the Internet. Demonstrates projects in the working, as well as products and new ideas.

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  • PolyDimensions GmbH - 3D reconstruction of humans, virtual and augmented reality, virtual reality haptics and telesurgery
  • Cosmic Origins - Story and world development for dynamic media. Architects companies of the virtual reality Frontier 1859 virtual world project.
  • VRSim - Designs and develops immersive real-time vr simulations for companies industrial, government and corporate opportunities.
  • Russian Web Service - On-line interactive 3D multi-user VRML worlds, X3D, MPEG-4. Company and companies product presentations, virtual reality for exhibition booths and entertainment centers, companies web design.
  • FusionGFX - A content and service provider specialising in visualization and simulation.
  • Exitreality - Exploring new possibilities for Virtual Reality on the virtual reality Internet. Demonstrates projects in the working, as well virtual reality as products and new ideas.
  • Facit Visual Simulation - Virtual reality, vr and visual simulation developers of Sense8 virtual reality authoring software.
  • Navigram - Visualisation software for the furniture, interior design, and real estate virtual reality industries. Includes company profile, details of products, case studies, and virtual reality showcase of output.
  • CyberEdge Information Services - Provides analysis, information, and strategies for organizations companies involved with virtual reality, visual simulation, and advanced companies interface technologies.
  • CitySimulation - Real-time 3D Virtual Reality - Builds and maintains large-scale VR models of any virtual reality place- computers real or imagined.
  • Motek - Creates, designs and markets real-time, motion-capture data solutions computers and products virtual reality for the entertainment and commercial technology computers arenas
  • EDS Virtual Reality Centers - Offers VR center design and engineering, vendor coordination companies and tool companies selection, content and application development and companies training.
  • - Electronic architecture office creating mixed media projects. Areas of activity companies include Internet, mobile telecom systems, network design, network technology and companies architecture.
  • VRTainment - Developers of artificial worlds. Reseller for the 3D Display Systems virtual reality of Elumens Corporation. Models, flash and web development.
  • EON Reality, Inc. - EON Reality, Inc. develops Virtual Reality Software for virtual reality the computers Windows platform.
  • Inition Ltd. - A UK-based company specialising in the development of computers bespoke real-time computers 3D graphics applications.
  • Forterra Systems Inc. - Builds distributed virtual world technology that enables users to connect virtual reality and collaborate.
  • RealSense - Specialists in interactive software development. Solutions for design, virtual reality training, companies sales, advertising and entertainment.
  • Evans & Sutherland Computer Corp. - Develops and manufactures leading-edge hardware and software for computers visual systems for simulation, training, and virtual reality computers applications.
  • Virtual Reality Centre at Teesside - Works with both private and public sector clients computers to create VR applications using real-time technologies.
  • Arsenal - Founded by two engineers expert in the field computers of military virtual reality simulation who are now dedicated to computers the civil market, having virtual reality brought together a team computers of experts in modeling, animation, VRML virtual reality programming and computers computer graphics.
  • Inv3rsion, LLC - Specializes in developing real-time 3D visualization and virtual reality applications.
  • Virtual Worlds - 3D room planning and visualisation software
  • PhoeniX Technologies, Inc. - PTI develops and sells Visualeyez, the real-time motion computers capture system. companies Visualeyez provides motion capture solutions for computers both animation and scientific companies professionals.
  • Interactive 3D - 3D virtual salons and 3D web call centers for real-time computers multi-user online worlds.
  • Viztek - Developer and integrator of virtual reality, immersive technology. virtual reality computers Produces the Virtual Wall, and the I-Cube.
  • Metamotion - Offering motion capture systems, hardware and software for companies facial animation, companies motion capture, and performance animation.
  • Engineering & Computer Simulations, Inc. - ECS specializes in 3D graphical content development for companies real-time virtual companies reality simulations.
  • Netspace Corp - Business Operations Management, Network Monitoring, Engineering Collaboration, and Accident Reconstruction.
  • Geo-metricks - 3D models and avatars suitable for real-time applications computers and virtual companies reality
  • ParallelGraphics - ParallelGraphics specializes in Internet Virtual Reality Technologies. These include 3D (three dimensional) interactive graphics, multi-user servers and animation.
  • Apeyron: Interactive 3d Technologies - Apeyron creates interactive three-dimensional presentations of goods and services.
  • VirTra Systems - A producer of turnkey immersive virtual reality solutions for virtual reality a variety of markets. Applications include 360-degree, interactive, photorealistic virtual reality environments.
  • MGDesign - VR, real time 3d graphics and interactive simulations.
  • From Geography to Reality - Company specialized in Géo-models production, software development, tools virtual reality integration, computers 3D information systems, 3D mixing geographical information virtual reality systems and computers virtual reality. Overview of services, and virtual reality VRML tools for computers download. [Bilingual Français/English
  • 5DT - Fifth Dimension Technologies - A high technology company specializing in Virtual Reality virtual reality (VR).
  • Glasson Murray Group Pty Ltd - Provides quality virtual reality, interactive environments, 3D visualisation, graphic design, companies illustration, multimedia and website services.
  • Visbox Inc. - affordable high-end projection-based Virtual Reality
  • Verefi Technologies, Inc. - Provides innovative software content solutions for training in virtual reality medical and surgical procedures for medical professionals.
  • 3DTV - Specializes in three dimensional video and game products. virtual reality Includes virtual reality catalog, customer support, and links.
  • Virtua S.A. - Haitian company specializing in virtual reality systems.
  • 3d web technologies - Developers of virtual reality and multimedia applications.
  • Artificial Industry - Providing solutions, systems and services for creating an artificial reality.
  • Geomatic Engineering Ltd - By using surveying, GIS, aerial photography, digital terrain computers modelling and computers IT skills, GEL has developed a computers unique and effective process computers to deal with Internet-ready, computers photo rendered, virtual reality models for computers the built computers environment.
  • blaxxun technologies GmbH - Develops and markets multi-user VRML/X3D/MPEG4 client/server software and computers solutions for data visualization, visual collaboration and virtual computers community building.
  • SenseTrix - Offers a wide variety of solutions for virtual and augmented reality, serving as developer, reseller and content creator.
  • N Formation Design - Provides custom, interactive, 3D applications for commercial and educational clients using principles from educational and cognitive theory to facilitate information retention and comprehension.
  • Vstep - Virtual safety training and education platform.
  • i3Dvision - Offers research and development of customized Virtual Reality computers and 3D companies computer graphics software solutions, and Virtual computers Reality consulting.
  • AuzGnosis Pty Ltd - Virtual Reality Architecture and Design.
  • Advanced Science and Automation Corp - Provider of advanced Virtual Reality technology and Intelligent companies Virtual Agents for large-scale engineering and scientific visualizations.
  • Bouresly Medical Services - Virtual Reality medical simulations.
  • See3D Ltd. - Provides visualisation, animation, software design and hardware installation computers services.

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