The Palace Chat Internet

Instructions and screenshots for new Macintosh Palace users on how to install a Palace client and tweak it for optimal performance.

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Editor's Picks:* - Virtual community featuring a directory, manuals, and registration services. Limited software support is also offered by community leaders here.

  • Avatar Teleport: The Palace - Good \\'starting point\\' home page for "The Palace" the palace software hosted by DigitalSpace Corporation, featuring links to the palace other good resources in PalaceSpace. Limited software support the palace also offered by VirtualVerse Networks.
  • Studio Dust Palace Scripts - Features the basics of Palace scripting, designed to internet help you edit and maintain your Palace Cyborg.
  • House o Props - Hints, tips and information tools to help you internet make pictures, the palace props, and avatars.
  • Macintosh Palace Client Install and Survival Guide - Instructions and screenshots for new Macintosh Palace users the palace on how to install a Palace client and the palace tweak it for optimal performance.
  • The - Detailed information, related sites and tools.
  • The Palace Legacy Project - Includes downloads, history, links, software documentation, and anecdotes.
  • Palace Planet - Community portal with articles, downloads, links, and a photo chat album.
  • Love for an Immortal - Well put together classes on editing and prop making.
  • Cyborgs - Offers tutorials, scripts and downloads for the ipt internet script file. chat [Information in English and German]
  • Psychology of Cyberspace - The Palace Study - Intensive case study of the psychological and social internet dynamics of the palace The Palace community.
  • Room Scripts For Dummies - Find basic scripts and learn how to make internet The Palace chat server rooms interactive.
  • Palace Registration Code Distributor - Site provides free registration codes for server and internet client software.

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