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This list is for any topics related to using the old Palace software (pservers and/or clients) on Macintosh computers.

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  • Palace Community Group Forum - A list for all people who use The mailing lists Palace chat software.
  • Palace-Bots - Open source forum features trading tips and code mailing lists on the palace building and operating bots in PalaceSpace.
  • Palace-IptScrae - Independent forum for Palace scripting.
  • Son-Of-Palace - Group for discussion about the desired and needed features of a to-be-developed, Palace-type, graphical chat program.
  • Palace-PServer - Here you will find discussions about operating your PersonalServer and chat PalaceServer.
  • instantpalace - A forum for discussions about InstantPalace software.
  • Palace-Graphics - A list for exchanging ideas and techniques used mailing lists in the palace creating graphics for The Palace.
  • deepthoughtsII - General discussion beyond the every-day for Palace software users.
  • jbumPOSI - Details on an effort to re-new closed-source visual the palace chat chat system known as The Palace.
  • castledenizens - Discussion of activities and events at The Castle mailing lists Palace.
  • PalacePioneers - Features the Pioneers of Palace virtual chat.
  • palace-announce - Independent announcement forum for palace-related events and info.
  • hmiTourists - Community members who are official Hunter Mansion Isle the palace Tourists.
  • Palace Developers Group - Features an independent community of Palace Developers and mailing lists supporters, working together to maintain their own, Palace-oriented, mailing lists information highway.
  • Palace-Client - Here you will find discussions about operating your mailing lists Palace client software.
  • missingpalatians - This group is for those who use The the palace Palace mailing lists Visual Chat program and have lost touch the palace with friends. mailing lists Use it to find and reconnect the palace with people or mailing lists ask for help/information.
  • palace-server - A friendly support list for Palace server and mailing lists Palace chat community problems.
  • MacPal - This list is for any topics related to mailing lists using the old Palace software (pservers and/or clients) mailing lists on Macintosh computers.

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