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This category contains sites about the filmmaking process itself, free resources, and help related to the art of filmmaking. It also contains informational websites about filmmakers, directors and other people involved in filmmaking.

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  • American Widescreen Museum - Widescreen and early movie color system history, illustrated with technical movies and non-technical information. Information on old color processes.
  • Enter Future Filmmaker - Explanation of the history, and processes of filmmaking.
  • - Online starting point for filmmakers and film lovers. movies A movie-oriented movies community site and search engine.
  • - Australian resource for people in the film industry. movies News, film reviews, discussion forums, and links.
  • Low-Fi Video - Independent, alternative, low/no-budget, amateur, Web and digital cinema movies in Serbia. Background information, video archive, contact information, movies and links.
  • Information for the Film Professional - Information, humour, links and news for film crew.
  • Future Movies - Film articles and reviews, tips for new filmmakers, and links arts to filmmaking resources.
  • Highlander Film - Links directory and informational articles on filmmaking.
  • Movies for the Masses - Movement to create a fund that filmmaking can be used to finance film projects that filmmaking people want to see.

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