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A non profit media arts center providing support and resources to local independent filmmakers; rents equipment to members; promotes film through education and exhibition; and is a center for filmmakers and their supporters.

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See Also:
  • 911 Media Arts Center - Washington\\'s media center supporting film, video and digital media artists movies with workshops, screenings and interaction opportunities.
  • Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers - An organization for motion picture and television engineers. filmmaking Resources, movies job opportunities, conference info, and information filmmaking about membership.
  • Maine Film and Video Association - Organization of professionals, companies, individuals, and students involved in the movies film and video industry in the state of Maine. News, movies articles, members, and links.
  • Spiritual Cinema Alliance - A resource for filmmakers who want to get movies involved in filmmaking the development of spiritually exalting films.
  • National Association of Latino Independent Producers - Professional membership organization that addresses the needs of Latino independent producers and promotes the advancement and development of Latino film and media arts.
  • University Filmmakers Alliance - An organization for student directors, actors, writers, and filmmaking producers at the University of Texas.
  • Set Decorators Society of America - A professional organization for decorators of film, and filmmaking television. Membership info, SDSA resources, and a member filmmaking directory.
  • National Screen Institute - Canada - An organization that provides a continuum of career-long professional development filmmaking for Canadian film and television industry professionals.
  • Film Arts Foundation - Non profit, member-based resource for independent film and filmmaking video makers. Funding, classes, equipment, annual festival, print filmmaking magazine, and links.
  • IAC - The Film and Video Institute - IAC is an international organization whose aims are organizations to further movies interest and education in relation to organizations all aspects of film movies and video making and organizations associated visual arts.
  • Haltwhistle Film Project - UK-based organization aims to advance and improve education and training movies through encouragement of involvement in multimedia.
  • Independent Feature Project - A non profit organization created to support the filmmaking courageous work movies of artists and technicians working in filmmaking independent film.
  • Films For Charities - A non profit organization that produces movies to organizations represent Asian organizations Indian culture in a positive way.
  • Northwest Film Forum - Non profit organization dedicated to the artistic development filmmaking of the movies local independent film community.
  • National Film Board of Canada. - Includes articles and downloads.
  • The Workshop (Asian American Filmmakers Collaborative) - A group of New York based Asian American filmmakers dedicated organizations to improving their craft and sharing resources.
  • Directors Guild of Canada - BC District Council - Background details, list of productions, upcoming events, and movies contact information.
  • Visual Communications Online - Promotes intercultural understanding through the creation, presentation, preservation, organizations and support filmmaking of Asian American independent media and organizations film festivals.
  • Association of Cinema and Video Laboratories, Inc. - An organization comprised of motion picture laboratories, post filmmaking production facilities movies and support companies, that is dedicated filmmaking to the open exchange movies of technical information affecting filmmaking filmmakers.
  • Armenian Film Foundation - A non profit, educational and cultural organization dedicated to the documentation on film and video of Armenian heritage and life.
  • Wis-Kino - Devoted to filmmaking utilizing limited resources. Includes screening schedule, discussion movies forum and links to available resources. Madison, USA.
  • Center for Independent Documentary - Organization to assistant independent film and video makers organizations with the production of documentaries.
  • Detroit Filmmakers Coalition - A non profit media arts center providing support movies and resources to local independent filmmakers; rents equipment movies to members; promotes film through education and exhibition; movies and is a center for filmmakers and their movies supporters.
  • Atlanta Film Festival 365 - An organization that supports a strong independent media organizations arts community by promoting the production, exhibition and organizations public awareness of film and video as artistic organizations forms of individual expression.
  • Visual Effects Society - An organization for digital artists and visual effects filmmaking technicians. Visual movies effects resources, tools, and information about filmmaking membership.
  • Independent Filmmakers Coalition - A non profit, midwest organization that promotes creative and artistic expression through film, video and media production.
  • Asian American Film Lab - Collaborative of New York based Asian American filmmakers filmmaking who meet weekly to hone their craft and filmmaking to share resources.
  • Steadicam Operators Association - Directory of steadicam operators by state, message board, filmmaking FAQs, workshops, links, and classifieds.
  • Winnipeg Film Group - An artist-run film education, production, distribution and exhibition movies center committed movies to enhancing the art of film.
  • Sundance Institute - Supports development of independent filmmakers, screenwriters, playwrights, composers and other filmmaking film and theater artists.
  • Deproduction - Provides production services and media education to individuals and community-focused organizations. Located in Dever, USA.
  • Empowerment Project - Provides support for independent producers, artists, activists and movies organizations working movies in video and other media.
  • Film/Video Arts - Non profit organization based in New York promoting the education organizations of independent filmmakers. Information on the organization, its education organizations programs, its equipment hire and post-production services and details of organizations related events.
  • ACFC WEst, Local 2020 CEP - A technical film union with skilled and experienced filmmaking craftspeople in departments from Accounting to Transportation. filmmaking They specialize in pilots, TV Series, and MOW's.

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