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No-budget, independently produced fantasy/sci-fi movies, CG F/X, and warped comedy. Solid storytelling and emotional performances are the goal.

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  • Blue Grass Film Company - UK based film and video production company utilizing amateur music, dance, production companies and groups and art.
  • Brainwave Entertainment - No-budget, independently produced fantasy/sci-fi movies, CG F/X, and warped comedy. production companies and groups Solid storytelling and emotional performances are the goal.
  • Bad Wig Productions - Amateur filmmaking company.
  • Black Sheep Films - Independent feature film production company making video documentaries and low-budget production companies and groups independent "arthouse" feature films.
  • Banana Productions - Group of filmmakers based in Blacksburg, Virginia that makes short amateur movies.
  • - Broadband video clips including Wild Wild West, Nasdaq Steak, and Air Guitar 101.
  • BreLee Stephains Films - Dedicated to entertaining and spreading art throughout the world.
  • Blue Moon Limited - An amateur movie company based in the Midwest.
  • Blackberry Studios - Amateur film group based in the United Kingdom. amateur Site contains film information and stills, pictures of amateur equipment, history, forum, and links.
  • Back Yard Junk Productions - Offering low budget film making and choreography.
  • Basement Studios - Member profiles with pictures, list of movies, background production companies and groups information, and links.
  • Baurley, Craig M. - Includes production design and artwork for science fiction-oriented b independent features, b resume, and contact information.
  • B&M Productions - Forum-based site with information on current and upcoming amateur productions.
  • Blackstar Productions - An amateur filmmaking site based in Scotland.
  • BAR Studios - College filmmakers\\' site includes biographical data, history, photos, production companies and groups and productions.
  • Big Twenty, The - Independent programming including enterprise programming, feature and short films.
  • Bloody Fun Pictures - Specializing in low and no budget filmmaking shot on video. amateur Shorts so far, but full-length planned for the future.
  • Bunch-A-Teens Productions - Background information, ongoing project, technologies used, crew, and details on special effects.
  • Bloodshot Pictures and Upside Downtown - Company information and links.

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