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  • Sampo Films - Group of filmmakers in Portland, Oregon that strive production companies and production companies and groups groups to tell stories in a dynamic or sometimes production companies production companies and groups and groups wholly eidetic way.
  • Spontaneous Combustion Films - The official website for Spontaneous Combustion Films, the amateur proud producers of JupiterXGFGY45T and Death By Chocolate.
  • Stunt Kitty Films - Independent producer of no-budget horror films and monster movies.
  • SlickShit Productions - Makers of films, shirts, and music.
  • Sheer Heart Attack Productions - Ireland based film production company presenting news and amateur information on the group.
  • Smells Crunchie - Presents collection of small clips featuring special effects production companies and s groups and video editing.
  • Starving Dogs Productions - Information on movie project, including screenplay, working journals, production companies and groups cast and crew biographies and links to helpful production companies and groups sites.
  • Steel Corporation Films - A small, low-budget, amateur filmmaking company.
  • SN Creative Films - Information about films and scripts produced.
  • Spontaneous Generation Productions - Film company featuring several projects.
  • Studio of the Mind - Featuring film, digital video, live theatrical and multimedia productions [Flash amateur Only.]
  • Solos Productions - Group of amateur filmmakers based in West Sussex, UK.
  • Sort Of ... Films - Versatile and youthful film and video production outfit based in s Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK
  • Shave My Sheep Productions - An independent film production company based in Atlanta, s Georgia.
  • Satan MacNuggit - Independent filmmakers based in Toronto, Canada.
  • Something Funny Productions - Focuses on making humorous as well as occasionally s horror movies. Character descriptions, finished projects, and films s in development.
  • SouthPaw Films - News, projects, and contact information. Also includes details of the s director's wedding.
  • spudWorks - An independent short film and entertainment website, updated production companies and production companies and groups groups frequently with original new movies and MP3s by production companies production companies and groups and groups Colin Ferm.
  • Simon Taylor Short Films - Site offering short animated films.
  • Sociopath Productions - Independent film company based in Clute, Texas
  • Sticky Earwax Productions - Group of filmmakers. Biographies, projects and background information.
  • Sisterfilms - Lynne Adams and Brooke Adams, two sisters, committed amateur themselves to production companies and groups producing Made Up as a video amateur movie and Sister Films production companies and groups was born.

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