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Sites related to Korean-born actor and film producer Derek D. Kim.

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  • Johnny Kim, film actor, producer, director - Johnny Kim, a Korean-born film actor, producer and director.
  • Music - Johnny Kim's passion for music.
  • IMDb: Johnny Kim - Filmography, including television appearances. Trivia.
  • Untold & Unexplained Years - Reveals some of Johnny Kim\\'s past experience dealing with paranormal k activities.
  • Aarising - A leading Asian American site profiles Derek D. k Kim
  • Star Pages - Feature celebrities Johnny Kim, Dylan Edrington and others.
  • Interview - The Zone interviews Derek D. Kim
  • Editorial - Hawaii411 presents Derek Kim, an inspirational story.
  • Starpages - Features Johnny Kim, Dylan Edrington and other celebrities.
  • Mega Mansions - Johnny Kim\'s passion for most expensive and outrageous homes.

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