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  • Producer Joel Silver and Director James McTeigue Talk V for Vendetta - The producer and director discuss some of the more interesting directors tidbits that went into the production of V For Vendetta directors in this interview with Julian Roman.
  • Interview: James McTeigue on "V for Vendetta" - The director addresses questions regarding film adaptation, his directors role as mcteigue, james director and the challenges of filming directors an actor behind a mcteigue, james mask in this Cinema directors Confidential interview with Ethan Aames.
  • Film-TV - James McTeigue Interview - V For Vendetta - Interview by Daniel Robert Epstein that was conducted directors before the m bombings on London's transport network.
  • Wikipedia: James McTeigue - Offers hyperlinked career profile.
  • INT: James McTeigue - The director talks about filming in London, his mcteigue, james feelings directors about the graphic novel and finding an mcteigue, james actor who directors could make the mask 'work'.
  • 'V for Vendetta' Set Visit - visits the set on the 58th day of the m shoot and speaks with director, James McTeigue.
  • NBC 4 Entertainment: Director: 'V' Not Vendetta Against World Leaders - The director says his film is not anti-Bush or anti-Blair, but more of a cautionary tale in this interview by Tim Lammers.
  • V for Vendetta Gets New Director - Director James McTeigue is in final talks to make his directors feature film directing debut on Warner Brothers\\' adaptation of the directors Alan Moore/David Lloyd graphic novel, V for Vendetta.
  • M for McTeigue - After working for fifteen years as an assistant director on everything from \\'Street Fighter\\' to \\'Star Wars\\', the director gets his own, $50 million shot.
  • IMDb: James McTeigue - Offers full filmography for the director categorized by type, year and ratings, photo gallery, news articles, contact information and discussion board.
  • V for Vendetta - Redpill interviews director James McTeigue for the official mcteigue, james \'V m for Vendetta' web site.
  • V for Vendetta Director Cashes In - The debut director\\'s $50 million film, V for Vendetta, has covered its production costs just a week after opening in North America.
  • Fame & Fortune: 'V for Vendetta' Director James McTeigue - The director of the long awaited sci-fi thriller puts his m money in earthly investments: real estate.
  • James McTeigue - offers a comprehensive video interview with the directors director in directors both Windows Media and QuickTime formats.
  • James McTeigue - Interview - The first assistant director talks about his involvement directors with \\'The m Matrix\\' franchise in this interview at directors the film\'s official site. m Includes audio files.
  • BBC Movies: Interview: Joel Silver and James McTeigue - V For Vendetta\\'s producer and director chat about mcteigue, james terrorism, mcteigue, james Alan Moore and action movies. Interviewed by mcteigue, james Rob Carnevale.

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