Travel Documentary Filmmaking Movies

Travel, adventure and nature films for the entire family presented live on stage as well as on VHS tape and DVD.

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  • Travelogues, Travel Film Presentations, Adventure Films, Fundraisers - Home of Windoes Travelogues - an agency providing travel travel and adventure films by professional cinematographers who travel narrate the film live in the auditorium.
  • Discovery Film Series - Presenting travel films in Torrance, California featuring professional cinematographers who present their films live and in person at the El Camino College auditorium.
  • National Park Video from Encounter Video - Specializing in national park programs, natural history documentaries and world documentary travel videos for home viewing.
  • RV Adventure Videos and John Holod Productions - John Holod produces travel films for the RV community and filmmaking the travel loving public. These films are presented by John filmmaking in person and are available on VHS video tape as filmmaking well as DVD.
  • Emigrant Road - An educational and entertaining travelogue of the Oregon travel Trail, based filmmaking on the film lecture entitled "Emigrant travel Road".
  • Don Cooper Films - Don Cooper films are now available on VHS travel tape and travel DVD through this web site.
  • Vassar Brothers Institute Travel Film Program - Presenting travel films in the Poughkeepsie, NY area, featuring professional documentary cinematographers who host the film in person.
  • Travel Adventure Cinema Society - Travel film show schedules, including travelogue shows across filmmaking the US filmmaking and Canada, hosted in person by filmmaking professional cinematographers.
  • Tribute Series Travel Videos - Travel videos on Tuscany, Umbria, Mexico, California, New filmmaking England, Indiana, filmmaking St. Petersburg, Russia.
  • Geographical Society of Philadelphia - Presenting travel films in the Philadelphia area, featuring professional cinematographers who host the film in person.
  • Explore Biodiversity - Documents the biodiversity of individual countries through video documentary and web travel content. Recent countries - Mexico, Hawaii.
  • Buddy Hatton Productions - Travel films from around the world with host travel Buddy Hatton.
  • Trailwood Films: Travel, Adventure and Nature Films - Travel, adventure and nature films for the entire filmmaking family presented documentary live on stage as well as filmmaking on VHS tape and documentary DVD.
  • Around the World in Eighty Minutes: The Classical Travelogue Cinema - An article by Jeffrey Ruoff describing the history documentary of the documentary travel film industry while taking a documentary look at some of documentary the personalities and practices documentary of the current crop of travelogue documentary filmmakers.
  • World Cavalcade Travel Films - Presenting Travel Films in the Portland, Oregon area, travel featuring professional filmmaking cinematographers who host the film live travel in the auditorium.

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