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This category is for the companies who produce large-format films.

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See Also:
  • Destination Cinema - Producers of large-format films who operate large-format theaters in tourist studios locations throughout North America.
  • nWave Pictures - Digital Studio producing large-format films.
  • Sky High Entertainment - Company from Quebec City specializing in producing large format films for all ages.
  • NOVA Giant Screen Films - Division of PBS. Contains information about the giant screen format and the films produced by the company.
  • SK Films - Production and distribution company founded by retired CEO large format of the IMAX Corporation. Includes films information about large format films produced and bios of the staff.
  • Lion Heart Production - Film and movie production studio based in Canada.
  • Vista Collaborative Arts - Working in the large-format industry.
  • Blue Sky - Producers of Adrenaline Rush.
  • Stephen Low Productions - Company background, films produced, current projects, and distribution studios details.
  • Graphic Films - Hollywood-based production company.
  • Giant Screen Sports - Specialists in the production of large-format sports films.
  • Primesco - Producers and Distributors of large-format films. Also offer large format theatre film formats development.
  • MacGillivray Freeman Films - Established IMAX film producers. Contains details of their films, company studios information and reviews.

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