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Contact information for a person willing to perform audio and video out modification to Fisher-Price PXL 2000s for a fee.

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  • The Art of Pixelvision - Glenn Andreiev\\'s review of the 2002 The Art of Pixelvision pixelvision DVD.
  • Benning, Sadie - Bright Lights Film Journal article about the Pixelvision director.
  • PXL Mods - Contact information for a person willing to perform filmmaking audio and video out modification to Fisher-Price PXL filmmaking 2000s for a fee.
  • PXL-2000 Home Page - John Manoogian\\'s PXL-2000 camera page includes links, mailing list archives, and a gallery.
  • The Dead Media Project: The Fisher-Price Pixelvision - Notes on the PXL 2000 from the Project\\'s film formats dead pixelvision media archive and database.
  • Yahoo Groups: PXL-2000 - A discussion group and email list for enthusiasts and collectors filmmaking of the Fisher-Price PXL 2000 Camcorder.
  • PXL This - PXL 2000 film festival. Festival information and schedule as well as a listing of films by genre, title, and director.
  • PXL-2000 Message Board - Pixelvision themed message board has areas for announcements, technical questions, film formats events, for sale and wanted, links, and tape trading.
  • Pixel Pix Picks - Peggy Nelson writes about Gerry Fialka and PXL THIS, a Los Angeles-based festival devoted to the celebration of the PXL 2000 camera.
  • Pixelvision - Essay by Michael O\\'Reilly about the technology, history, pixelvision and art of Pixelvision.
  • Pixelvision Modification Page - DIY instructions for modifying a PXL 2000 to output a film formats directband video signal via an RCA jack mounted on the film formats PXL housing.
  • Hamlet - Filmed in Pixelvision. Includes images, trailer, and downloadable filmmaking .RAM file.
  • Pixelvision Mystery: More PXL-2000s Than We Thought? - In the late 1990s, word spread that a company in film formats Japan was producing new PXL-2000 cameras. The camera bore the film formats name Sanpix, and looked to be identical in every respect film formats to the original model.

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