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Step-by-step guide to super8 filmmaking provides a look at film types, equipment, transferring film to video, and the best tools to use for super8 sound.

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  • The 8mm Film Format Metadirectory - Links to resources on the Internet including web film formats sites, Usenet groups, and mailing lists about 8mm, film formats single-8, and super 8.
  • Shooting 8mm - Online community for Super 8 filmmakers. Includes filmmaking manual database (currently down), tips on editing and filmmaking sound, and an extensive knowledge base.
  • Sonnyboo's Super 8 Info - A site with information, several 8mm films to filmmaking view on-line, filmmaking and several links.
  • Bury Cine Society - Features details about the society oriented in 8mm filmmaking film, newsletter, and regular meeting schedule.
  • Super 8 Filmmaking - Super 8 filmmaking resources including film stock information, filmmaking techniques, and equipment information.
  • Onsuper8 dot org - Contains news and resources for super 8 and film formats small film formats gauge film makers. Information about film film formats stocks and film formats availability, DIY telecine, tools and tricks, film formats and festivals.
  • Projector Films - Super 8 Resources - A guide to using the Super 8mm film filmmaking format in super 8 the UK and links to suppliers.
  • Little Film - Created by the writers of "Super 8 in super 8 the super 8 Digital Age." It has information on film super 8 preservation and super 8 film stocks, film-making tips, and a super 8 FAQ on restoring super 8 hardware.
  • FilmSecrets - Super 8 Page - Step-by-step guide to super8 filmmaking provides a look filmmaking at film super 8 types, equipment, transferring film to video, filmmaking and the best tools super 8 to use for super8 filmmaking sound.
  • Super 8mm Filmmaking by Michael Nyberg - A guide on how to get into Super 8mm filmmaking. Information on editing, splicing, film stocks, cameras, sound, tips and tricks.
  • Super 8mm Militia - Intended for those with a serious interest in super-8. Has information on the format, contests, magazine archives, and a message board.
  • Chris Cottrill's World of Super-8 - A series of articles about Super-8 filmmaking.

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